Chillin’ at Backyard UP Town Center

Swell!  It’s how I would describe this Saturday night experience. It’s not the kind of night that calls for a taste test.  I’m still full from home cooked grilled pork, milkfish & hotdogs.

What I did try was this locally brewed craft beer, Indio from Katipunan. I am a big fan of dark beer. Since I wanted to try something new, I tried this upon the recommendation of a waitress who said it was dark beer. Well, it’s not the kind of lager like San Miguel’s Cerveza Negra nor the German Dunkel that I love so much to the bottom of my heart.

Katipunan isn’t an entirely alien brand to me. I know I’ve tried one of their craft beers before at Wild Flour and am sure I liked it. It isn’t this Indio brew though. This one is strong and bitter — and, not dark.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what I was in the mood to have tonight.

I didn’t like the strong, in-your-face “This is beer” taste but, if you like to feel more aware that you’re having beer, this is the craft beer for you!  I personally am supporting local brands so it was worth it.  Though I still ended up ordering SanMig’s Cerveza Negra in my succeeding rounds. You can’t go wrong with Negra 😉

Next time, I visit Backyard, I will make sure to come with an empty stomach! I’d have their slow cooked meals. I’m sure these meals don’t just look yummy but will also leave a  taste that will be stamped in my mind that’s distinctly Backyard — judging from the satisfied looks on diners’ faces right now, eating here will be an enjoyable experience.  Right now, I am seriously salivating to try the food but am yet too full to stuff anything else inside but beer!

I hope that Backyard will have lighter pulutan offerings though when I come back. Much as I’d like to try something on the menu, everything simply looks too heavy and too much for pulutan. (P.S. We ended up having chicharon chicken skin — so sinful!  Now, I have to lose all those fats! Yish!)

I’ll be back, Backyard! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)



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