Fly to Coron, Palawan


There are so many things to do in Palawan.  The first thing you should know if you happen to take this summer outing adventure, however, is that your adventure depends on which island of Palawan you’re heading for — and, you have three choices:  Puerto Princesa, El Nido or Coron.  If you have a long vacation, you can even choose to see all three!  Alright, another important note: if you’re traveling with very young childern or with senior citizens, Puerto Princesa will be your most kid- and elder-friendly destination.

While in Puerto Princesa, go see the Underground River.  If you can find a local to take you on a roadtrip to see the hidden waterfalls around Puerto Princesa and neighboring towns then, you should absolutely go.   Take a pasalubong (and selfie) stop at Baker Hill.  For cheaper kasuy and standard Palawan pasalubong, the market is the place to be.  If you love seafood, this is where you stuff up on all of your seafood cravings — seafoods are cheap whether you buy them cooked at a resto or fresh in the market.

To head to Coron, take a flight to Busuanga.  When you reach Busuanga Airport, you will find UV Express service parked right outside the terminal.  Find a trip that takes you to the town proper of Coron.  You can’t be in Coron and not take an island hopping tour that can get you all the way to the Calauit Safari Park or El Nido.  You have several choices for the tour.  Ask the local boatsmen — what’s great is that the packages and fees are standardized, and you can be assured you’re not being fooled.  Food is generally expensive in Coron except for lobsters.  Don’t leave Coron without having these succulent giants — island style!

I can say a thing or two about El Nido but I’d rather let those who have experienced the trip share the actual highlights of their trip here — so that the rest of us may follow.


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