Go for a Sagada adventure


If you have teenagers or, if the gang is feeling more adventurous than usual, take a long road trip to Sagada in Mountain Province.  Be forwarned, this trip is not for the very young and the senior members of the fam.

Hitch a bus ride headed to Sagada from the Baguio Dangwa Terminal which leaves very early in the morning.  So, if you’re also taking a bus ride from Manila, you may have to take the 11 pm or midnight trip from either Cubao or Pasay stations.  There’s also another way going to Sagada via Banaue — that, I haven’t had the chance to take so please do share here if you’ve taken this route.

Okay, so the last time I was in Sagada was more than a decade ago but, this summer outing remains to be on top of my list.  Years after though, based on what I am finding out online, the major must-see sights are the same, though a lot has changed in the accommodations and gastronomic landscape.

Revel in the majestic stones standing proudly, side-by-side with the mountains of Sagada.  Sumaguing Cave is an adventure you will want to experience.  Wear comfortable, non-slippery shoes or strapped slippers when you trek this grand cave system.  Be ready to get wet.

The Hanging Coffins and the Burial Caves are also a must-see.  Keep in mind, these grounds are sacred to the locals so be respectful at all times.  Don’t step on the graves of their ancestors and don’t litter.

Go for the full experience — bring your camping gear.  Hike and pitch a tent on Marlboro Hills. You will encounter the wild cows of Sagada along the way.  Don’t engage or they’ll certainly chase after you! Let your local guide take you to the peak where you can light up a bon fire and sip a few drinks (a hard alcoholic drink is a must if you’ll be spending the chilly, wet night weather on the slopes of Sagada, anyways).  The morning after, wake up to the grandeur of the Sagada sunrise!  I promise you a morning like no other — you’ll be way higher than the clouds and it’s almost as if you can run and jump to it and let it catch you from falling to the cliff (hold your horses and absolutely don’t do that!).


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