Sport Up and Party in Boracay


Yep, Boracay remains to be a stop spot for summer outing.  Personally, however, perhaps because I generally despise too much sun and heat, I prefer going to Boracay between the months of November and February when the breeze can be so much colder, and even the waters are calmer (not to mention, cleaner).

Apart from the ordinary swimming, there are plenty of water sports activities to choose from while you’re there.  The generally water-challenged me, however, would prefer strolling on the shores (di-da-di-da-di-da) — absolutely no sun bathing though.  Plus, the night partying knows no end!

If you’re going for a hard party, and want to be right smack in the middle of the island’s buzz, get a room in the middle of the busy Stations 2 and 3.

For a quieter, more family-friendly Boracay atmosphere, head out to Station 1.  The area is within a considerable walking distance away from the bulk of the Boracay crowd.  Nevertheless, you can always take a short jeepney ride.  Hotels normally offer a free hitch to and from Station 3.  Ask your hotel’s front desk about pickup schedules.

If you have extra cash to spend, check in at Shangri-La Boracay.  Experience the exclusivity of Shang’s side of the island the moment you land on Caticlan.

It’s not everyday that you can choose to dine out under the moon and the stars, with the gentle sound of splashing waves in the background while your feet are nestled on the soft Boracay sand. So, please, by all means, ask your waitress to set up a table for two out in the open and spend quiet time with your spouse talking over a bottle of cold San Miguel Beer, wine or any hard liquor of your choice — and, don’t forget the kids if you’re travelling with them!

Food in Boracay is always within reach — everywhere, you can get hold of local Filipino dishes, Japanese or Korean dishes or, steaks if and when you want to.  However, cost of meals vary widely and can easily be overpriced.  For me, the best gastronomic treat is Paluto at the island’s fresh market.  You can do the marketing yourself or, ask your paluto stall staff to do the marketing for you too besides cooking it fresh for you.  Here, you can have your seafoods and meat grilled, sizzled or boiled.  Pair up with a cold liter of Coke and you’re well on your way to food paradise!  Php1,000.00 should be enough to fill a family of four to the brim!

Share your Boracay experience here and your personal Boracay escapes and finds — so that the rest of us can find them on our next Boracay trip too!


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