Situational Analysis on the National Workplace Response on HIV and AIDS

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

In my own little way, I would like to continue promoting information about one of the causes that have grown very close to my heart, HIV and AIDS.  Here is a short presentation about a study on HIV and AIDS interventions in the Labor Sector that I completed earlier in 2016 for the International Labour Organisation and the Department of Labor and Employment – Occupational Safety and Health Center.

I hope this study helps spur more partnerships and improved workplace-based interventions some time soon.  Ultimately, I hope that with more people helping out, in this case, workers and employers and the non-traditional workplace partners, we can curb the still growing HIV epidemic in the country.

As a modern woman, you must get to know how you can protect yourself from HIV as well as the support available in case you need further information or help.  Keep tuning in to The House of Margaux for more information about HIV and AIDS.



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