Top 10 stylish Christmas Party outfit ideas to turn you from so-so to fab!


Still not done scouring every SM or Ayala mall around you?  If you’ve come up with a long wishlist of items but can’t quite makeup your mind which ones to put on your cart then, that could be a problem.  Your office choreographer may have already sent out an email notice of practice for that special number you and your officemates always prepare for in time for Christmas party — and, you still don’t have anything to wear!

Relax!  This list might just be able to help you makeup your mind about what outfit to get yourself in time for the Holidays.

Top 10 most fash and fab outfits this Christmas 2016

Get inspired putting together your looks with the 10 ideas that are not only making waves in the most fashionable capitals of the world but are also apt for the local weather.  Here are your top 10 outfits:

1.  Pastel dress with fun prints We loved watching this trend catwalk down the Dolce & Gabbana runways, continuing the fun outfits that came out from the label last summer.  Take inspiration from the trend by looking for bright prints on black or apple prints on plain dresses.

2.  Embroidered dress.  Eyelets, embroideries and touch of lace are a hot fashion staple this season of merriment.  If you want more inspiration, take a look at what Emma Stone wore at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) recently.  She was uber dainty and adorable in a sun-kissed Chanel dress in pale yellow.

She paired it with a matching Christian Louboutin ankle strapped pumps.  Turn up the sweetness some more by wearing a “no makeup” made up look and an equally dainty hair band which you can easily buy from your favorite hair accessories store for less than Php 100.00 or a little over.

3.  Off-the-shoulder dressThis trend is simply too irresistible and too feminine to be out of the fashion scene anytime soon.  It can be as casual as a denim dress or, as sophisticated as Anne Hathaway’s Rodarte dress which came with embroidery and floral prints around the hips.  You can’t possibly go wrong pairing this dress with ankle strapped sandals.

Gigi Hadid had a different take on this cut, coming in a full-length embroidered dress at the 2016 American Music Awards.  This will be flattering for tall women with slender collar bones to show off.  If you have a larger physique, it’s always best to show a little bit of skin so you don’t appear too tightly squeezed in your outfit.

4.  Cropped top and high slit, calf-length skirt.  They looked chic and sexy last summer and, if only because we’re living in a tropical country, this trend will continue to ‘wow’ this holiday season.  Fold in the more playful trend of colorful and tropical prints for detail — how about bananas for apples?  Wedge and ankle-strapped sandals will play up the sexiness of this ensemble.

5.  Romper shorts.  If you’re headed for an evening affair or a company Christmas party, it’s not just any kind of romper shorts that you’re going for.  Go for something that’s made of classier, more extravagant textile.  Check out the glittery and classy Elie Saab romper shorts that Hailee Steinfeld wore recently at the AMAs — that’s the kind of romper shorts you want to have.

6.  Power suit.  Who said that power suits are only made for office hours, Mondays thru Fridays?  They’re now also made for partying!  You will need a tailored, matching suit — feel free to pair it with slacks or hot pants — again, if it’s for a night of partying with your officemates or clients, you’d want to stay appropriately dressed.  You want a low, v-neckline blazer.  For your inner blouse, you want to go for the same.  If you’re on a fun night out with friends, you can wear a shimmery or plain bikini bra, let a long, metallic chain necklace hang and you’re good to go.

7.  Dark colored dress with eyelets.  In tune with the very ornate nature of this season’s designs, you may also want to take inspiration from what Kate Mara wore at the TIFF — calf-length black dress lined with eyelets from Marc Jacobs.  Wear with ankle strapped sandals or a pair of pumps.

8.  Brocades and suedes.  Keep in mind this season is so-O.A. (overacting for non-Filipino readers, which here means, ornate)!  As in, get your prints on rich textiles like brocades and suedes.  Every top designer had these O.A. pieces from the coats to the dresses, down to the flat shoes.  Just keep in mind that you should choose just one O.A. piece and keep the rest plain, flat and simple.

9.  Denims.  Denim dresses and denim pants will continue to dominate the season.  Pants will be a hit, more particularly the flaired pants, patched pants, high waisted and torn jeans.  Before you spend your hard-earned peso, remember that there must be a pair in your closet that you can easily update or wear in a trendier way.

10.  Lace, leather and metallics.  These three trends simply go together but feel free to wear each separately.

Shopping is easy when you know exactly what you should be looking for.  Knowing what’s hot and trending is just the start.  The more challenging part is matching the trends with your body, character and personal style.  However you choose, make sure to consider comfort and convenience.  Happy holiday shopping!


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