DIY Christmas gifting on a budget: A cool gift idea for everyone you love

Kick up the meaning of sharing this Christmaimg_0496s by finding the right gift for everyone who matters to you even when you’re low on the budget.  Surprise! Surprise!  Christmas gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to look and what you should do.

DIY Gifting for the special people in your life

These DIY Christmas gift giving ideas are not only thrifty.  More importantly, these are highly personalized — the commitment and effort you set aside (even if these are super easy, even your 7-year-old daughter will be able to do these on her own) is not something that can be bought from any store.

Ready?  Get busy.

1.  For your man: Wine bottle holder.  Did you know that the next best place after a bookstore where you can find anything and everything you might need to pull off any crafting idea is a hardware store?  Yes, walk over to Wilcon, Handyman or Ace Hardware.  It’s best for you to be able to walk around, hold and touch the materials which you cannot do at your old, neighborhood hardware.

The Plan:  Look for pipe, metal or hard hardboard already round shaped and will fit a wine bottle.  Once your search is done, get smaller round pieces of the same (pipe for pipe, metal for metal, etc.).  Make sure to get yourself a stronghold glue.  Ask for your metals or pipes to be cut into shorter pieces if there’s need to.  This will save you precious time.

Once home, set out your materials on the floor and plan out how you’re going to arrange your materials.  Don’t glue anything together until you’re satisfied.  Call in the finishing touches — well, real wine, of course!

2.  For your daughter: AccessoriesWhether you have a three-year old or a teenager, trinkets and keepsakes will always come as a wonderful surprise.   You were once a girl yourself, and you know how girls want unique, one-of-a-kind trinkets so make one nobody else can own!

The Plan: Take a trip down the garments and beads shop.  There’s one in every department store.  Pick out every ribbon, bead and button that captures your fancy.  Don’t forget to get yourself some nylons, screw locks, hook locks, garters, pins and barrettes.  Get yourself a cork board and hooks.

Layout the materials and start creating necklaces, bracelets, clips and scrunchies.  Once done, punch evenly spaced tiny holes on your cork board.  Hang the hooks then hang your creations.

3.  For your son: Display board for his toy cars.  That wine bottle holder in Item No. 1 can easily be tweaked to make your boys’ toy cars a new home.  He won’t only be happy but you will also be happier getting his toy cars off the floor.  As an alternative, you can always make small squares using a thick cardboard to house his toy cars.

4.  For your mom: Blown up photo.  Take a photo of her and yourself or the kids.  Print out the photo.  Stick a magnetic tape at the back and you’ve just made her a personalized refrigerator magnet.  Another DIY Christmas gift-giving idea in the basket!

5.  For your dad: Cork beer bottle sleeves with matching cork coaster.   Make beer nights cozier for grandpa.  Get a cork sheet — the ones that can be rolled, and a velcro.  Think about how you would like to design the coaster and the sleeve.  Once home, cut the cork sheet to shape.  Attach the velcro on each side.  Next, take the aluminum cover of an empty bottle and line it with cork sheet.  After you’re done, it’s time to design.

Easy does it, ‘no?  If you have frugal DIY Christmas gift-giving ideas of your own, we’d love to hear it too!


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