Top 5 reasons why denims are the best fashion staple for women at any age

Can’t seem to fall out of love with your blue jeans?  Those denims are so good to you, comforting in the best and worst of times, that there’s simply no reason it shouldn’t make your list of must-have staples of all time.


If any, there are a hundred ways why you should keep falling in love with your denims throughout your life.  Here are the 5 most compelling reasons why you should keep wearing those denims:

1. Denim pants are made for wear but hardly tear.  That’s exactly how its founders, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis designed these durable, fashionable bottoms.  They fortified the stitches on the flies and pockets where the precursors of denim pants often failed their wearers.  Rain or shine, denim pants are a girl’s bestfriend!

2.  A good pair of denims are never out of fashion.  Guess what?  The same jeans you wore in the 80’s are just as stylish now as it was back then. Patched jeans, torn jeans, buggy jeans have all made a comeback in 2016, and the trend will march on to 2017.  The only practical consideration you should be making is the size but, lucky you if you still fit into your jeans from some 20 years ago or so!

3.  Denims are so versatile, it will match every style.  Whether you’re headed to a classy date night, strolling in the streets or off to a basketball game, denim pants will look great however you want to style ‘em.  Laid back, offbeat, glammed up or just plain with a tee, if you have a pair of denims that flatter your physique, there’s just no way you can go wrong.

4.  Denims fit women of every size and shape.  Some women, particularly those who have rounder, fuller bodies are afraid of denim, and they’ve been missing out a lot on personal styling because of the wrong notion that a pair of denims don’t suit them.  Remember, if you have muffin tops you want to conceal, wear high-waist so that your denims cinch your waist right where the unwanted fats around your tummy won’t show.  Also, the more you wear loose and low-waisted denims, the stouter you will appear.

5.  Denims equate to ultra comfort.  Those who have been pregnant and were able to experience maternity denims will be able to relate the most to this point — I know, I’m lucky I got to wear this pair when I was expecting.

Denims give us, women, freedom of movement.  Young and old women alike can benefit from the power a pair of denims bestows — to do more, to move more, to be more.


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