#fridaycravings: ramencool


Where to find it: Westlife, West Ave, QC

Opens: 11 AM

Among the restless days I am obliged to go through every month are days when I have to comply with BIR tax deadlines. If you’re managing a business, you know what I’m talking about — there’s a monthly deadline then there are quarterly deadlines, and since the end of the year is in sight, the annual deadlines as well — whew!  It never ends!

You know what gets me up my feet is the thought that I just might be able to squeeze in a quick bite at ramencool. It’s a jap find I bet you’ll love.

The food is not the strictly japanese traditional type.  It’s more Japanese homey kind of cooking made for Filipino tastebuds like mine.  Pop Japanese songs are playing on the radio and there’s couch seating, no need to squat nor fit your legs into a hole under the table.

On the menu: everything ramen (starts at Php 195), toppings (Php 185), salads and gyoza (5 pcs. for Php 135), tempura (3 pcs. for Php 195) and tuna sashimi (Php 175).

I first discovered this place in 2014, I believe, after waiting for my CoR for a good three-fourths of the day! I was starved! I got a big bowl of Spicy Chicken (Php 210), seared tuna salad (Php 235) and 5 pcs. of ebi tempura (Php 285) — dine in and all mine!  Believe me, not a single grain of rice was leftover!


Chillin’ at the Backyard UP Town Center


Although,I must say ramencool’s 5-piece tempura serving then would probably satisfy two people (except when you’re in a similar condition like I was during my first visit). These days, the serving for a three-piece tempura barely satisfies my hunger but fortunately it still tastes delicious.  See that serving dish in the photo I took at lunch today?  That would have been filled with three large and succulent ebi if ramencool were still serving the same size as they did two years ago or so.

There are other things to try in the menu including coffee in case you don’t feel like taking your cup from the Starbucks next door.  One serving will only cost you Php 85. If you prefer a fancier drink, go iced coffee (Php 100 to Php 145) or iced matcha (Php 165).

Once full, don’t forget to ask for rice tea on the house — pampatunaw.

Take a trip to this jap hideout and you’ll understand how I still carry on with a smile on my face despite the still puzzling tax matters that I am not sure if I’ll ever completely understand.  (Big shout out to my sister-in-law and to my kumare in the Finance Department who have been very patient with me on all matters pertaining to BIR.  I love you ladies so so so so much!)

P.S.  For lunch today, I had Seared Tuna Salad and three-piece ebi tempura (told you, I still wouldn’t be able to resist).  Lucky me it’s a Friday, I just happened to order the right dish on the menu!  Turns out, ramencool is dishing out 5-star deals everyday of the week this Christmas season only.  Instead of paying Php 235 for my salad, I only cashed out Php 148 (happy tummy indeed!) — that deal goes for any salad you order on Fridays, lunchtime only, mga Kapatid!

Here’s what you get on other days of the work week:

Maki Mondays:  Order any maki and GET Tuna Spicy Mayo or Chizu Salmon Ball

Ramen Tuesdays:  Get two (2) Chasu Ramen for Php 299 only

Gyoza Wednesdays: 5 pcs. of Gyoza for only Php 108

Giveaway Thursdays: FREE 8 pcs. California Maki for every bill worth Php 1,500 or FREE Coffee Affogato for every bill worth Php 750


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