Do you believe in Santa Claus?


As a child, I was brought up into the tradition of believing that a stout, jolly man clad in red suit with a long, white beard who constantly watched over children existed.  Then, on Christmas eve, he would deliver gifts to children all over the world who made his ‘good’ list.  I loved the gifts back then but also the idea that there was this kind-hearted man who looked after children’s welfare.

Was I devastated when I found out the Santa Claus that came to my home was just my mother? (My dad was away most of the time when I was younger.)  Some of the magic was lost — temporarily.  When I had children of my own, the magic was revived.  Of course, they believe in Santa Claus or Kris Kringle or whatever name you may call this adorable, generous man on his sleigh.

Why I still want to believe in Santa

My religion believes in Jesus Christ, Nativity, Bethlehem and the Three Wise Men.  However, as much as my faith in my religion is unfaltering, I’d rather not bring up religious beliefs here because religion, ironically, always breeds serious misunderstandings.

As far as Santa Claus is concerned, I want to keep believing in him for these three reasons:

1.  I want to keep believing in magic.  We call magic by many names — it’s faith, it’s hope — and, sometimes, magic is all I need to keep going even when times get tough.  The thought that there are things that go beyond the reality we know of inspires me to live through challenges.  Isn’t that the same foundation of religions too?  Believing in another world, in afterlife, things we cannot see or hear or feel but believe anyway?

2.  I want to keep believing in the inherent kindness of humankind.  There are way too many bad things humans do to each other these days, from deadly terrorist attacks to sexual abuses to petty crimes.  It’s hard to trust one another these days but, I’d like to keep believing we can do better, most especially among us, adults.  At times, I still see glimpses of that kindness from total strangers who help me, for instance, find my way when I am lost or, go out of their way to serve beyond my needs.

3.  I want to help keep the spirit of Christmas alive.  Santa Claus is the reason why gift-giving is so intertwined with Christmas and why it is the season children love to live the most.  Stories of a St. Nicholas and his good deeds, including rescuing children from imminent harm and danger, are stories of hope and kindness that I wish will keep proliferating throughout generations to come.  It is this spirit of Christmas that allows us to be more in touch with each other — to have quick get-togethers and go out of our mundane lives to exert more effort (not necessarily more money) in bringing happiness to the people we care about the most.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  Answer here


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