Fun, Fab and Fearless Fashion Predictions 2017


The coming year 2017 will see plenty of the more feminine side of things: ladylike cuts showing off a woman’s sexy neck and collar bones, and outlining her silhouette in very subtle  ways.

What’s hot in 2017?

1.  Pencil Skirts.  These pieces look elegant on a woman’s body.  It will be the poshest fashion statement of the year.  Look to the Spring 2017 runways of Dolce & Gabbana and you’ll fall in love with the floral prints and princess cuts in the collection that are oh-so-feminine!

2.  Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Spring Summer 2017 Collection.  Everything inspired by this phenomenal collaboration of a designer and a top model who knows how to wear fashion everyday will be the “it” thing of 2017.  Get inspired by the blue and white navy prints, military pants and jackets, the navy blue bandanas, ankle boots and white trainers that define this collection.

3.  Posh, chic and playful jumpsuit shorts.  Looking forward to summer, the jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Only this year, it’s time to step up your game when it comes to this fashion piece.  Look to the teal, butterfly and belted jumpsuit from Elie Saab for inspiration.

4.  Calf-length skirts with long side slits.  There’s no better time to wear this extremely elegant piece than when the heat turns up.  We’ve seen this piece worn with cropped tops in 2015 and 2016, and this ensemble will continue to make unforgettable fashion moments in 2017.  To give your wardrobe an elegant touch of this piece and still look appropriately dressed (for both occasion and age, that is), check out Versace’s Spring Summer 2017 show in Milan.  While you’re at it, take notice of the gorgeous footwear too.

5.  Denim pants made your way.  Trim them, make a patchwork out of them —style your favorite denims any way you want.  This year, this iconic piece will see another year of great styling — one that is all yours to define and to own.

6.  High necklines.  This trend is the continuation of the ribbed dresses everybody loved and owned in 2016.  In 2017, the high neckline will be made on all sorts of fabrics and pieces, from blouses to dresses to jumpsuits.

7.  High-waisted, wide-bottomed pants.  The skinnies are not fading but this trend will also be a popular sight in fashion and styling this year.  Remember, if you’re hiding muffin buns, high-waisted is the way to do it so, wearing this piece shouldn’t be a problem for women of all curves (wink and smile).

Don’t be afraid to wear what’s trending in 2017.  Keep in mind though that other factors such as your body type, age and occasion should dictate how you should dress.  Have fun!



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