How to cook Beef Morcon


(Click on the image to watch a YouTube video about how to cook Beef Morcon.)

Yet another gastronomic good-to-learn video on how to cook some of our more traditional favorites, this is all about beef morcon.  This dish may also be prepared using pork but, since we’re preparing this for Noche Buena, we opted for Rib Eye Steak.  When you buy this beef portion, make sure to take note that you’re getting meat with longitudinal fibres so that it won’t break when you try this recipe. Have your meat machine cut into a thin, continuous piece.

Preparing Beef Morcon is not exactly easy to do.  The hardest part is in making sure that your meat is tightly knit and tied up.  If you have the thread used for cooking then, good for you.  If not, you may always use a regular thread but, it will be more challenging to tie up your meat.

What you’ll need:

1 kilogram, Rib eye steak

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, for marinade



Chorizo Bilbao, cut lengthwise

Hotdogs, cut lengthwise

Hard-boiled eggs, cut

Cucumbers, cut lengthwise

Carrots, cut lengthwise



How to cook it:

Step 1: Prepare your marinade.  Mix Kikkoman with calamansi.  Pour onto meat and marinate for one to two hours. After marinating, save your marinade in a bowl.

Step 2: Start lining your meat with with chorizo bilbao, hotdogs, cheese, cucumbers, carrots and eggs.  You can be as organized or as random in making this step, just make sure that everything is packed tightly.

Step 3:  Tie up with thread from end-to-end and across its lengthwise and crosswise lengths.

Step 4: Fry.

Step 5: Once cooked, pour in the same marinade you used to cure the meat.  Simmer for 30 minutes to allow the flavors to become better absorbed.

Step 6: Remove the threads and slice thinly.  Serve hot and, if preferred, with catsup.



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