Typhoon ‘Nina’: Update from PAG-ASA as of 25 Dec 2016, 10:55 pm

Based on the Philippines’ weather bureau, as of December 25, 10:55 pm, typhoon warning signals have been raised over Luzon and Visayas provinces:

Signal #4:
Camarines Norte
Camarines Sur
southern Quezon

Signal #3:
rest of Quezon

Signal #2:
Metro Manila
Oriental Mindoro
Polillo Islands
Lubang Island
Burias Island

Signal #1:
Nueva Ecija
Nueva Vizcaya
Occidental Mindoro
Masbate including Ticao Island

What to do if the typhoon is headed your way

1.  Don’t panic. Keep calm so that you can preserve your better sense.  Consider your location and your situation. Evacuate to higher ground if flooding is expected. If you’re traveling, consider safety of travel. It may be safer to stay put rather than risk becoming stranded.

2.  Prepare your ‘Go Bag’. Ideally, you should’ve put together one for each member of your family long before this typhoon.

Your Go Bag must contain: transistor radio to keep posted on the latest weather bulletin; flashlight and whistle; fully charged mobile phones to stay connected; first aid kit containing small scissors, cotton, gauze, Betadine, alcohol, standard meds for fever, diarrhea, headache; lighter to make fire for cooking and to keep you warm; food, water and regular medication good for 3 days up to a week; floaters, if flooding should be expected; extra clothes, most especially rain gear, and sturdy footwear; basic swiss army knife; small, cup sized cooking pot; cash; and, personal documents such as birth certificates and land titles sealed in waterproof envelopes.

3. Follow the advise of authorities. Don’t endanger the lives of others, including persons of authority and volunteers. Listen and act accordingly.

4. Make sure that at least one person knows where you are.

5.  Turn off main switch when flooding occurs or is expected.

Be safe, everyone! I hope you all stay dry and out of danger. Pray for our common safety. Merry Christmas.


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