“Disney on Ice” in Manila 2016: A Review

2016_1230_disney-on-ice  2016_1230_disney-on-ice-b

If you’re about as young as I am (hmmm, hahaha), your parents probably took you at least once to Araneta Coliseum to watch “Disney on Ice” when you were little.  It has become a regular public spectacle around the holidays since I can’t remember when.  This year marks the first time ever that the show was hosted at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

So, first, a word about the venue.  Is it just me or is there really something terribly wrong about crowd control at SM MOA?  There always seems to be a lot of confusion about how spectators cued up to get inside, and our attendance in today’s show wasn’t an exception.  Thankfully, the booth counters are able to handle large crowds all at once so, despite the disappointing experience  of poor crowd control instructions by the guards and ushers (outside and inside the arena, that is), the barcoded readers made it easy for everybody to get inside the main gates.

Now, about the show.  Overall, my kids loved the experience!  It was, after all, what I and my husband decided to gift them with this Christmas, instead of the usual toys (not counting the toys they got from Santa Claus, of course).  It was the first time we took them to such a huge venue and it was the first time they’d seen the characters they love watching on film and tv.  It was, most especially, a wonderful treat for our little girl.  She was glued to the show from start to finish, and even commented, “nahilo ako sa dami ng princess! (I felt giddy seeing all the princesses!)  Why not, anak?  Everybody from Cinderella to Belle to Mulan was dancing on ice!

From a mom who grew up dreaming of becoming a Disney princess herself, the best segments of the program were “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Frozen”.  When it comes to dad and son relationship, Mufasa and Simba’s story continues to stand out, and the show was able to convey the complexity of the tale’s story live.  Our favorite part in the “Aladdin” segment was the magical effect of Genie leaping out of the magic lamp.  “The Little Mermaid” was marked by beautiful, colorful, neon costumes dancing around the ice.

In terms of little girls and Prince Charmings, the trend, thankfully, has been broken in 2013 when “Frozen” was shown in theaters worldwide.

As expected, all the little girls present in the Arena had magical moments when their favorite songs from “Frozen” were sung by Elsa and Anna.  Anna opened the segment singing, “For the First Time in Forever” and the Ice Princess, Elsa, captured every little girl’s imagination when she cried her heart out to, “Let it go! Let it go!”  My little girl was all eyes and ears and emotions during the “Frozen” segment which lasted for about 30 minutes of the two hour show!  That’s amazing because she rarely has the patience to tune in for more than five minutes!

Moms, like myself, also had glimpses of our yesteryears when Ariel started singing, “Look at this stuff / Isn’t it neat? / Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” — Come on, sing it!  I’m sure you know the rest!

There is something entertaining for every member of your family at the “Disney on Ice”.  If you can find time to see it with your little ones, you have until January 4, 2017 to do so.



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