7 compelling reasons why you should look for another job right now

Feel like you’ve been waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately?  When you feel uninspired about going to work, there can be many reasons but, the most compelling ones may involve your job itself.  Is it time for you to go on a job expedition yet again?  Or, might it be just a temporary itch to leave and try something new?

7 reasons why you deserve another job

Before quitting your job, it’s important to weigh two things: it could be you or, it could be your job.  There are times, too, when the job is the major driver behind a person’s poor performance at work or unpleasant attitude towards work.

Here is a list of 7 signs why you should seriously consider quitting your job:

1.  You’re literally dragging yourself to work.  When you’re starting to feel that the work that you do hardly makes it worthwhile for you to sit or drive through at least two hours of traffic in EDSA (one way) then, you have to figure out whether it is the traffic that’s troubling you or your job itself.

After having been employed in five different offices, I’ve learned that there is an invisible hand that keeps you up and going no matter what difficulties you may face when you’re really inspired about your job responsibilities and what your organization is trying to deliver.  For me, that came with the feeling of having a higher purpose that went beyond myself and the organization I worked for.  Whenever I lose that magic, I know it’s time to go.

Do you still feel inspired to get up in the morning?  Do you still feel motivated to go beyond what’s expected of you?  Do you want to solve the challenges laid out before you to achieve a higher purpose or, do you just want to get things done to get the papers off of your desk?

2.  Your values are in conflict with your organization’s and your boss’s values.  I had an executive member of the company’s management team tell me once that he was merely keeping some annoying people on the job so that in the highly probable situation that the startup company fails, he’ll have them to blame. I: Red flags up! Mind you, these people reported to him too!  The moment I heard him say that, there was no doubt in my mind that it was time for me to go.

When you have a boss who does not believe in what you and your team are trying to do in the first place, there’s absolutely no reason why you should believe in what you’re doing either.  Ship out!

Keep in mind that when you’re delivering any job-related output, your name is on it too.  It’s your reputation that’s on the line, and not just your company’s nor your boss’s.  That means, there’s no reason why you should adjust your personal values just to accommodate the lower standards set by  your organization or your boss.

3.  The company you work for is losing.  Get real!  When you need a real job and a real career that will help support your continued growth and productivity, and help you stay liquid then, you have to associate yourself with an organization that’s thriving.  You can’t expect to receive training, mentoring and better pay if the company that you’re working for does not own sufficient resources to nurture talents like yourself.

4.  You haven’t learned any new, valuable skill in the past two consecutive years.  It is one sign that your company may be losing because of the lack of a robust employee training program.  It can also be a sign that the management simply isn’t able to tap your full potential.  Here, you have to be extra careful in making that assumption because it’s possible that you may be overvaluing your worth as well.  However, if you honestly feel that you have management experience but have been pinned down to answer emails for other people then, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

According to the “Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016”, which covered 7,700 millennials in 29 countries including 300 in the Philippines, millennials want to be with companies that have a “strong sense of purpose, inclusiveness and open communications”.  That does not, however, keep two of three respondents from wanting to leave their current employers by 2020.  This trend is glaring among emerging markets, including the Philippines where 64% of those surveyed intend to leave their current employers.

Perhaps there is a lesson we, Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers, can learn from our younger counterparts — we have to admire their boldness and in keeping their eyes focused on their personal career goals.  If your current employer can’t help you accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself, it may be time to move to another or, consider creating your own enterprise.

5.  You’d rather be eating lunch alone than with any of your colleagues.  This situation may seem harmless but, it can be very unhealthy in the long run.  Just consider that you’re spending a big chunk of your waking hours in your workplace and not feeling free to share and socialize with your colleagues can be problematic.  It’s possible that you’re not a good fit for the company’s culture or, you may be discriminated.

A Gallup study published in 2015 found that American employees often resigned because they did not like their boss.  (I wonder what the figure is among Filipinos if the same survey was conducted here.)  Regular, consistent communication of American employees with their bosses were considered a determining factor in keeping the turnover rate low.

If communicating with the bosses is such a big deal then, not being able to build effective relationships with your colleagues can be stressful.

6.  You’re only in it for the pay.  A higher than the average pay can be a good motivation at first but, it will be hard to perform at your best when money is your only motivation to stay on the job — well, perhaps, unless you’re really out of options.  Truth is, I’ve seen too many people just do it for the pay but, rarely are these people happy which, in turn, makes them unpleasant and disliked by many at their places of work.

Ask yourself truthfully, “Am I just in this job for the money?”  When the answer is ‘yes’, be ready to be unhappy.

7.  You don’t have too many good things to say about your job.  When your friends outside of work ask you about what you do for a living and you catch yourself responding “so-so” or, making up good stories to tell about what you do then, it’s likely that you don’t feel a sense of pride towards your work and your company.  Otherwise, the good stories will have come out of you effortlessly.

Should you quit now?

Quitting your job is never an easy decision to make — not when it’s your first nor your sixth time to say ‘bye, bye’ — most especially when you have family members who depend on you.  Think hard and make sure that you have a clear fallback before you turn in that irrevocable resignation letter.



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