10 ‘kikay’ kit must-haves with practical uses during emergencies

Us, women, all love our beauty stash.  We spend hours figuring out what to put inside our kikay (beauty) kits and for good reasons.  We want to make sure we’re carrying around the right stuff depending on the weather or the occasion.  We even play out every unthinkable case of beauty mishap in our heads just to be certain we got every possible scenario covered.

Paano kung sumakit ang paa mo sa  high heels?  Paano kung pagpawisan ka at mabura ang foundation?  (What if your feet hurt from your high heeled shoes?  What if you sweat and your foundation fades?)

Have you ever thought for a second that there are items you can tuck away in your kikay kit that just might mean your survival or somebody else’s when a real emergency does happen?  Yes, I mean life or death situations!

Listed below are 10 things you probably already keep in your kikay kit which can be useful during emergencies:

1.  Nail cutter.  You probably got one in your kit to trim that painful ingrown when it suddenly decides to manifest. Moms like to keep this in their stash to cut off baby’s dry skin that makes the skin around the fingers swell.  You can find practical use for a nail cutter too during emergencies.  That includes cutting through ropes, wires and adhesive tapes.

2.  Tweezers.  We like to keep these within reach to make those eyebrows stay boldly shaped, and unwanted body hair out of sight.  During emergencies, tweezers can be used to pull out sharp objects, including broken glass and shrapnel, that can get in the way of providing first aid to the person who is injured.

3.  Small scissors.  If this pair isn’t in your beauty stash, they’re often found in your mini sewing kit.  Scissors, like nail cutter, can help you cut through several objects but also become handy when actual first aid has to be administered, particularly in applying gauze to wounds or even tearing through clothing if only to allow the affected person to breathe more easily.

4.  Cotton and cotton buds.  Some women prefer to carry these around over their brushes, simply because these are more hygienic to use and disposable, practically leaving their kikay kits clean and clear of makeup residues.  Cotton and buds can be very helpful during emergencies too, particularly whenever there is need to treat bleeding or disinfect a wound site.  Cotton buds can be used to safely pick on wounds or apply treatment to hard-to-reach areas as well.

5.  Alcohol.  The same handy-dandy purse sized alcohol you use to disinfect your hands before, during or after applying a beauty emergency can be used to disinfect wounds during an actual emergency too.

6.  Wet wipes.  These are great for cleaning up makeup where you don’t want to see them or, even your hands after not being able to wash it with soap and running water for a while.  During emergencies, these also come in handy when wound sites need to be cleaned and cleared of foreign materials.

7.  Sanitary napkin.  This all-too-familiar regular item in every woman’s kikay kit does not only come useful when you suddenly get your period.  It also has practical uses when a wound requires to be dressed and there isn’t any gauze in sight.

8.  Dental floss.  So, you got a sanitary napkin but need to hold it down with full pressure?  Try keeping it locked and in place with your dental floss.  When you accidentally lock yourself inside the bathroom, a dental floss can also lend a hand in picking the door.

9.  Lipstick.  I attended a first aid class once and one of the topics discussed was following a system for triage during emergencies where mass casualties are involved.  That’s when your lipstick — iridescent, matte, silky or otherwise — can become useful.

If you are trained as a First Aider, you can help mark casualties in the order of urgency of care they require.  Traditionally, the injured are color coded but, in this case, you can use numbers — 1 indicating immediate need for care, 2 for those requiring medical aid but currently stable, 3 for those who are wounded but can move around, 4 for those with minor injuries and 5 or an “X” mark for those who are dead.

You can also use your lipstick to mark your path, in case you need somebody to know where you are, kind of like how Hansel and Gretel found their way home and did not get lost.

10.  Lip balm.  Its beauty uses are endless.  Beyond relieving chapped lips, a lip balm may also be used to instantly soothe blisters, revive dry skin, protect skin from drying and even tame unruly tresses.

During real emergencies, a lip balm can be used to make temporary fire.  Stick in about three-fourths of your cotton bud inside your lip balm and light it up like a candle.  It will give you a temporary source of light.  You can also use lip balm to provide temporary, immediate relief to superficially burned skin as well.


Time to check up on your kikay kit to make sure you have everything you just might need!  Got any other practical uses for items in your stash you’d like to share?  Let the rest of us know by submitting your comments below.



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