How to lose at least 20 pounds before summer

After spending what most likely was another eating fest in Christmas and New Year, it is only but just (for our bodies most especially) to declare January as the official start of our “Balik-Alindog Program!”  (That literally translates as “Back to Sexiness” for our foreign readers.)

Personally, I have never really been too conscious about my body, and I have always been the big girl in the room.  However, after spending most of my workdays in my home desk for over a year now, I feel compelled to revamp my diet and get more physically active this year.

Also, because of this blog, I have been running test kitchens and taking video shoots of some of our well-loved recipes in the past month, so that leaves me with no excuse to live sedentary again for another year — else, I bid this world farewell too soon!

So, I have been blogging about diets and how to live healthier these past few years, and learned quite a number of tips along the way.  Ironically, that was about the same time my not-so-active lifestyle became worse.  Fast forward to the day of reckoning, I am not exactly overweight — yet — but, I am close to tipping over the scale.

When you got tips, help me out, okay?  Right now, here’s my game plan:

1.  Get enough nighttime sleep.  Haha!  That might sound like it’s out-of-place.  However, chronically getting insufficient sleep drives the body’s hormones out of control, including the hunger hormone, ghrelin.  As a working mom, and working from home for that matter, it’s not easy to get things done when the kids are up and about.

In all honesty, because I get so tired getting them fed and washed and schooled and  fed and played, by the time they take their afternoon naps, I find myself too tired to even open my laptop too.  That made my brain more accustomed to work at night when everybody is asleep and everything is calm and quiet.  If you’ve been reading through this site for some weeks now, you’ll be able to figure out that most of my posts are published in the wee hours of dawn.  Perhaps, this year, I should sleep earlier and just wake up really early like two in the morning.

2.  Get in the kitchen more often.  It’s the only way I can control what I’m eating.  Trouble is, I can’t beat my dad to the kitchen!  He’s always cooking up something!  The other challenge with doing online work is that I always get really tired hands and arms so I can’t always wash my hands with water.

Here’s how I plan to solve it.  Always have fresh veggie salads and fruits within reach.  I should also commit to eating much less rice — simply because I am mostly tied to my desk.

running-573762_12803.  Move around more.  When I was just starting my online and event business, I regularly found time and space to get my hands on more difficult household chores, particularly washing our delikado clothes and scrubbing the bath.  As life became more hectic, I am almost always glued to my laptop 25 hours a week — exaj, but it’s true (well, almost)!

4.  Keep a journal of my calorie intake and loss.  No more writing for me when it comes to this!  I already got myself an app called, “Lose It!”  It’s a cool, techie way of keeping track of whether or not I am losing or gaining.  You can even input a Jollibee meal on the app and you’ll likely be able to find it in its comprehensive list.

grean-salad-and-tomatoes5.  Enjoy eating more.  This time, I am not going for the quantity but for the quality of the food.  I don’t believe any diet that restricts any food group — whether it’s starchy carbs or fats or dairy — will be sustainable in the longer term.  Well, it worked for some, but not for a foodie like me.  That calls for more cooking explorations to make sure I am eating yummier yet healthier food.


To be on the safe side, I will only target to lose up to 2 pounds per week.  With approximately 10 weeks to go before summer officially sets in, I am still on the running to meet my “Balik-Alindog” goals!  More than anything though, I will be in it for the sake of my health.

Got tips for me?  Share in the comments box below — and, thanks in advance! Share your own Balik Alindog goals here too.



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