Are we losing our children to technology?

I’ve said several times before that millennials are not my favourite bunch of people, most especially when it comes to work. I never really cared to figure out what was wrong with them or, if there was really anything wrong at all, but assumed that it had something to do with the lack of passion, drive, care, sense of responsibility and, above all, patience. This clip from an interview with Leadership Coach Simon Sinek, brought to my attention by a new friend over at, is an eye opener.

There could be something wrong with the environment where young people are being exposed to. Now, with many of us parents ourselves, the challenge of bringing up younger people to be “better wired” is at hand. How do we raise our children to become better focused and better able to connect with other human beings?

Excerpt from an interview of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest as posted by David Crossman on YouTube.



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