Are you ready to go “Fifty Shades Darker”?

Two years after the world became acquainted with the very sexy and very virgin Anastasia Steele and the superbly perverted, polished and eloquent Christian Grey, we’re all finally going to witness the events that follow after that elevator closed carrying Ana, as she pushed away Christian uttering, “I can’t do this”.

“Punish me. I want to know how bad it can get.”

Painful whips after — that became the reason why Ana eventually walked away as the first instalment of the film drew to an abrupt ending.  Will there be more scenes of Ana being the submissive with Christian being the dominant partner in this sequel?  Will Ana give in to Christian’s perversions once again.  Or, will Christian heed to her request: “No rules, no punishments, and no more secrets”?

Here are some of the spoilers that we can all content ourselves for now as we wait for the film’s worldwide release in less than a month’s time:

Embed from Getty Images

1.  Elena will be joining the cast of intriguing characters.  Remember Christian’s confession about a family friend who taught him all the tricks of the trade and showed him the world of BDSM?  That woman will be played in the film by no other than the still exquisite and superbly talented actress, Kim Basinger.  Will she and Christian find themselves entangled in the same situation that started it all?

2.  Another shady ex-lover of Christian will haunt Ana.  Leila Williams continues her obsession with Christian and the thought of being the one to change him and his perverted ways.  Having learned of Ana, she plots to kill her and will have her at gunpoint.

3.  Christian and Ana will meet again and become engaged.  After all of the hot and steamy scenes in Part 1, the film did not end in happily ever after.  Turns out, this time, it just might.  The two finally stop holding back their emotions and realize that there’s more than just the whips, the ropes and the cuffs to their rather odd relationship.  Will there be a wedding?

4.  Steamier and hotter scenes are about to be revealed.  Hey, it would be another movie if it weren’t for these wild sexcapades of Ana with Christian, wouldn’t it?  Of course they will engage in sex again — in the shower.  Where else?  You’ll have to guess for now.

5.  Equally hot musical geniuses will be playing mood music in the background.  Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift team up for the hypnotic-slow techno vibe, “I don’t wanna live forever,” part of the film’s OST, released in December.  Taylor sings, “I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places/I see you around in all these empty faces.”  So, will it be a happy ending this time or, another heartbreaking split?

Of course, well, if you’ve already read the book then, this really isn’t a spoiler!

Forget your usual V-Day dating scenes.  Do away with the roses. Maybe save the chocolates?  “Fifty Shades Darker,” top billed by Dakota Johnson and Jason Dornan, will be released in the Philippines in February 11, with an R-18 rating.


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