Our luck in The Year of the Fire Rooster

I can’t trace any Chinese roots from either my mom’s or dad’s side but, just like any other ordinary Filipino come the Lunar or Chinese New Year, I grew up to tikoys and hopias and mooncakes. Once in my career, I worked in Binondo where Chinese gastronomic treats knows no end, and that entire place magically transforms around this time of year too. So, Chinese New Year celebration does hold a special place in my heart.

You lucky animal!

Rather than contenting myself reading about my luck, I thought I’d let, you, my dear readers, know what’s being said about the luck of our animal signs here. I am no psychic! These are based on the most consistent (different people say different things, you know) predictions that I can find on the web, which means I already dropped most of the nonsense.

This is your luck running between January 28, 2017 and February 15, 2018:

Rat. You should be able to overcome challenges this year with a breeze with the help of people in your personal circles. Your luck is in excellent shape in all aspects pointing to your relationships. Work luck is trickier and requires you to be able to quickly spot growth opportunities and act on it swiftly.

Ox. You have variable luck in all aspects this year. Your natural tendency to make people judgments will have to be tamed for trust to be built, which entails asking people for help. Otherwise, stress will take over your high energy and wear you down. More work responsibilities and possible promotions can be expected. However, since you will be focusing a lot of time on your work and in growing your savings, this will not be a good year to be starting a new relationship, most especially to be getting married.

Tiger. Employment opportunities and growth prospects are in the horizon but, you will have to prove your worth, sense of responsibility and loyalty, most especially to people above you. You will be driven to pursue stability in both your finances and your relationships this year. Take care not to make decisions based on prevailing emotions. Use your head and intuition.

Rabbit. You will be up and about throughout the year. Earning opportunities will be plenty but you will have to put in more time and energy. Stressful situations at work, including additional workload, are likely. Extraordinary wants will make you spend more than usual. You must take care not to take too much time away from your family and friends. Spending more time with them will benefit your own health and well-being.

Dragon. Your natural persistence and headstrong approach to challenges will help you earn wealth this year. You have to be more creative with managing your finances though to be rewarded. Whether you are in a relationship or not, your prospects of falling in love and rekindling your relationship with your partner are likely to happen this year. Volunteering for non-profits or community work should be a good preoccupation for you this year too.

Snake. Opportunities to earn will be abundant but the zeal to pursue opportunities will not be very strong. You need to overcome procrastination and laziness to be able to take advantage of such opportunities. There will be plenty of social gatherings and travel throughout the year and you can make use of extra cash earned from additional sources of income so as not to drain your bank account.

Horse. You will have plenty of opportunities to grow at work this year or, if you decide to change jobs, there is a good opportunity to land a better one. So, it’s a good year for change. More vacations and travel are also in the horizon. However, you may have to learn to better manage your finances.

Sheep. Opportunities are lined up for you this year: promotion, recognition, pay raise, travel and even a new home. None of these will be yours without hardwork. You will be refreshed but also unusually stressed throughout the year. Health risks, therefore, are high. Try to maintain your budget as extraordinary expenses are also likely to drain your finances. Good times with loved ones await so make sure to make time in your busy schedule to be with them.

Monkey. You will have a more steady, significantly easier time this year compared to the last. Whereas in 2016, you stretched yourself at work and reaped little reward, this year, hard work will be better rewarded. Luck in terms of people helping you, you keeping a good reputation at work and having more opportunities to socialize with others this year will help bring you more opportunities for career growth and even a prospect for a romantic relationship. Care should be taken when investing. Work hours must be deliberately limited to favor your good health.

Rooster. You can expect more wealth and to thrive at work this year. You have to be careful not to be offensive most especially when you decide to join or lead a new team. It is a good year to embark on a new business venture or an additional work that will supplement your current income. At the home front, you may have to render care and support to an elder so you need to take better care of your health as well.

Dog.  You will have a slightly harder time when it comes to earning wealth and managing your finances well. Your high sense of responsibility and loyalty will help you overcome the odds. Instead of building your wealth, this year must be spent on investing in yourself. It’s time to update your skills. Take extra care when lending money. In love, there is a good prospect for socializing this year, and you just might be able to find a new partner if you’re single.

Pig. It will be an extra stressful year at work for you but, hard work will be rewarded. There may be some uncertainties in your career directions which you may have to iron out first rather than jumping on the first opportunity to move out and try a new post. Take the time to learn new things and to meet new people who may either provide new work opportunities or prospect for romance.


Get inspired or just plain entertained by our luck. At the very least, we can use these pointers to remind us to put premium in achieving balance in our lives throughout the rest of the year. You know what else was consistent with the readings I found? Time to declutter so the luck will come in.  “Linis, linis din ‘pag may time, mga kapatid!” (Time to clean up!) Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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