Top Candidates: Miss Universe 2016

The Miss Universe Pageant Coronation Night isn’t happening until 30 January in Manila, Philippines but, the real battle has already been won following the Preliminary Pageant that took place on 26 January.

Miss Universe 2016: Best Bets

The Miss U fever is definitely on! For sure, the finalists have also been chosen and will be revealed on Monday. We must say, the candidates from Southeast Asia stood out in this competition, headed by:

1. Philippines: Maria Mika Maxine Medina, 26

Naturally the crowd favorite, Miss Philippines very queenly introduced herself in the first round up of the evening. She sashayed nicely in her bikini and glided on stage in a green, tasseled layered gown created by Rhett Eala. The choice of color was very smart and the cut was one-of-a-kind — definitely helped our bet standout. Miss Philippines has a degree in Interior Design.

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2. Thailand: Chalita Suansane, 21

From the moment Miss Thailand landed in Manila, she has caught the attention of both the local and foreign media. She introduced herself in a fuchsia dress and wore a studded white gown with a black trail during the evening gown competition. The poise, the look, the way she stares at the crowd — very smart woman. Miss Thailand is a Biology student who has been volunteering for orphanages.

3.  Indonesia: Kezia Roslin Cikita Warouw, 25

Miss Indonesia came out in a stunning red dress during the self-introductions. She was smart and appeared very appealing during the swimsuit round but her black mesh gown during the evening gown competition failed to make her standout. Worse, she also tripped. Some would argue that she shares a similar angle with Miss Philippines.

4.  Singapore: Cheryl Chou Zhi Hui, 20

Great smile and very charming, Miss Singapore introduced herself in a glittered halter gown with twin high front slits. While she was a standout at first, it was easy to lose her in the succeeding rounds of the preliminaries. She is vegetarian who loves taking care of animals.

From elsewhere in the world, the following are listed in the order that they were memorable to us:

1. Netherlands: Zoey Ivory, 23

From the pageant’s web page glam shots to the video of the preliminaries, the camera loved her. You can practically feel her confidence when facing the camera and in overcoming the tensed moments of the competition. Her best accessory is her kinky hair unevenly parted in two with the thinner half clipped behind her ear. Miss Netherlands is an actress and would like to continue developing her craft.

2. Ecuador: Connie Jimenez, 21

Miss Ecuador is not our stereotypical looking Latina. She wears a baby face with a radiant, tight smile, and when she stepped out in her green dress to introduce herself, it was impossible not to take notice. She was a knockout in the evening dress prelims wearing a simple glittered white gown. Miss Ecuador is an Agricultural Engineer.

3. Haiti: Raquel Pelissier, 25

Miss Haiti was a show stopper in her fuchsia gown during the introductions. She wore a nude gown with glitters and peep through holes situated in the mid-front and sides. She battled with meningitis as a child. Miss Haiti is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Scientific Research in Optometry and Vision.

4. Brazil: Raissa Santana, 21

Proud to be the first black woman to represent her country in the Miss Universe Pageant in 30 years, Miss Brazil came to compete. She is evidently very cool and very confident. She stepped out in a black dress. Miss Brazil has earned her Marketing degree, plays basketball, and has posed for the covers of some leading fashion and lifestyle publications like Marie Claire.

5. Barbados: Shannon Harris, 22

Her country’s first bet to the pageant in 9 years, Miss Barbados came to Manila to try eliminate her country’s pageant dry spell as she confidently introduced herself wearing a red cocktail dress. Miss Barbados is a professional model.

6. Chile: Catalina Paz Cáceres, 26

The way Miss Chile moves is royalty. The green studded gown she wore during the evening gown competition suited her well. Miss Chile is an athlete. In her spare time, she volunteers to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Spain: Nohelia Freira, 24

Miss Spain has been breathtaking throughout the competition, making a winning showing much earlier in a swimsuit competition in Cebu and when she showcased a national costume made in red and gold.

Our wild cards include: Aruba, Kosovo, Panama, Puerto Rico and Switzerland.

The full video coverage of the preliminaries may be viewed on YouTube.

Who’s your bet?

With only a little over two days left before Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach gives up her crown, who’s your bet? Let us know by commenting below.


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