ONLY 1 ENTRY PER BLOGGER IS ALLOWED (organizers will use email address as basis).

Contest is open to all Filipino and foreign bloggers.

Bloggers who sign up for the CONTEST will each be asked to write a minimum of 500-word blog about one of the following free online courses available at:

Module 3: Content Planning
Module 4: Customer Relationship Management & Email Follow-Through
Module 5: Online Payments
Module 6: Online Sales Promotions, Data Privacy Law, Consumer Protection on E-Commerce
Module 7: Content Writing (Bloggers who will opt for this module  will have to join the live web session on Feb 6, 2017; Register onsite to get the details)
Module 8: Search Engine Optimization (Bloggers who will opt for this module will have to join the live web session on Feb 13, 2017; Register onsite to get the details)

*No copying / pasting of content or verbatim translation of courses. Plagiarized blog submissions will be automatically disqualified so please submit only original pieces.

Bloggers will have to be able to mention ALL of the following:

1. Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program (BSME)
2. 30-word description about the BSME
3. Link “BSME” to:
4. Use #onlinedomination in your blog post and Facebook post

Bloggers will be required to submit the direct blog link + direct link to Facebook post referring to their assigned topics using the link to official registration form at the end of this post.

Bloggers will be judged based on the following criteria:

Reach (50%): Blog and FB Likes, Shares
Content (50%): Writing style + compliance to contest mechanics


Janette Toral, Digital Influencer and Owner/Facilitator of the BSME; Founder of
Margaux Diaz, Owner and founder of and Pollax Events

*The final Likes & Share counts for the entries will be recorded based on the results to be consolidated by 15 February 2017, 12 Midnight (Manila Time or UTC+08:00). You may revisit and revise your entries until then. Winning entry will be announced on on 17 February 2017 or soon after depending on the volume of entries.

As soon as your blog post AND Facebook post have been published, you’re ready to submit your entry using this REGISTRATION FORM.  Make sure to provide all the required information and follow submission instructions carefully to avoid disqualification.


(1) Scholarship to “Make money from blogging and social media as a service provider” a multi-week seminar worth US $200, starting in March. Module is owned and will be facilitated by Janette Toral, e-commerce advocate and digital influencer.  For more on what she does, please visit:

Ready. Set. BLOG! May the most deserving digital influencer win!


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