Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Ernest Hemingway is credited for the advice, ”Better to have lost and loved than never to have loved at all.” Aren’t we all just taking our chances? We’re betting our lives on our significant others with whom we are risking and betting the rest of our lives with.

If you’re contemplating on giving your woman — wife or girlfriend (it better not be both!) — a little something special this Valentine’s, there’s a good chance that you’ve chosen well. It is the best time of the year to let her know that if only because Valentine’s Day is celebrated to give the very special people in our lives the recognition that they deserve for loving us in return for who we are — all the shortcomings and imperfections included.

Chocolates vs. Flowers

Any or both will make your wife or girlfriend blush so there’s really no point in debating which one is better. The real question is, “What will make her happy?” Since men often complain about women being so hard to please, let me breakdown here why that may not be entirely true.

Here are 10 best Valentine’s Day 2017 gift ideas for her:


1. At-home microdermabrasion devices. Want to see her happy and smiling everyday? Give her this gift that keeps giving the moment she opens your gift box and in the years to come. A single session of microdermabrasion can easily cost upwards of US $100. That means, every time she uses this device, she gets to save that much! Plus her skin gets a health boost from the faster skin cell turnover facilitated by this device.


2. DIY age-defying laser treatment. If you thought that Item No. 1 is a great idea, have a look at this at-home beauty device. Lasers provide better precision, more accurate skin peeling which minimizes unnecessary skin damage during the exfoliation and treatment process. Since it is more advanced, you’ll have to spend more for this item. Again, since it’s  a gift that keeps giving, your girl will be able to save more in the long run (If you’re the one paying for her treatments then you can expect expenses on your credit card extension to go down.)


3. Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder foundation.  Give her the gift of a flawless coverage without the irritating fragrances and harmful parabens. It is formulated to protect skin from UV damage using only mineral sunscreen ingredients, prevent  inflammation and restore skin health.



4. Juice Beauty Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream, 15 ml. Rich in vitamins and moisturizers, that include Vitamin C and E, Co-enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid and peptides, this eye cream will help keep your woman’s eye area look and stay youthful. It improves the appearance of dark under eye circles and hyper pigmentation while also revitalizing dull skin.


5. Humidifier. This is a gift that actually benefits you too. Not many people realize how important this piece of small home appliance is. Air indoors can get stuffy or too humid. It can suck out the moisture from the skin which dries it up, as well as cause stuffy nose, start a cold, make throats itchy and cause lips to become cracked and swollen. The solution is simply adding a humidifier to your room.


6. Wireless headphones. For your girl who knows and loves her music, trust only a good quality headset to deliver her music — make it wireless. This headset allows her to dance and twist around the house and be carefree anytime she wants without being limited by wires and while both of her hands are free to swing to the music too.


7. A cleaning assistant. No, not a maid. Get your wife or girlfriend a robot vacuum cleaner that allows her to do something else besides sweep your home or apartment — like maybe cuddle up with you.




8. Home-cooked meal. Women love surprises. We’ll be flattered if you’d cook up something special for us on Valentine’s Day, most especially when you don’t really cook and had one of your friends or family members or YouTube teach you how to. Learn some of the best recipes to cook for her here.

9. A Weekend Spa Treat. Take her to your favourite spa location or, make the experience extra special by booking a weekend spa package at an out-of-town location. An inexpensive, relaxing and sensual back rub from you made extra special with a signature cream or essential oil concoction that you put together will best any spa service your money can buy.

10. An engagement or marriage proposal. If you seriously think it’s about time and she is the woman you’ve been waiting for then, put a ring on that finger. If you’ve been married for a long time, it may be timely to renew your wedding vows.

So, what’s it going to be?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well do you know the most important woman of your life? If you’ve been spending time talking to her and really listening to her, it shouldn’t be challenging to think of a suitable gift for her come Valentine’s Day.

Woman, drop your man  a hint by forwarding him this piece.

Happy V!



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