Valentine’s Day dating ideas

Surprises! That’s why we look forward to life events and annual celebrations like Valentine’s Day.  Special dates such as these are proof that people enjoy being flattered, and I say that even for those who despise February 14 — you know, people in red, dating couples, cupids, flowers?

Top 5 dating ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

Feel like you’re stuck with the usual reservation at a formal dining or exclusive dating venue? Before expanding your ideas for your Valentine’s date night, there are some considerations you have to make. Consider the amount of time you have to execute your preparations, how much you are willing to spend over a date, and what your and your partner’s interests are.

These five suggestions are guaranteed to make you rethink your Valentine’s Day dating options:

Option No. 1: Head down memory lane. If you have been with your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend for a considerable number of years now, a look back at the good times and memories that you both treasure will create a different kind of Valentine’s Day experience.

Prepare a rough sketch, like a treasure map, of all the places you’re driving to for the rest of the night or the weekend. Make it more interesting by composing riddles or dropping hints of what each of those places marked on your map is. For example, you can just put there, “You had me at ‘Hello’” to indicate that that’s the place where you first became romantically attracted to your partner. Work from there: where you watched your first movie, where you became engaged, some secret place only the two of you know about, and so on and so forth. You’ll be surprised how those wonderful memories will rekindle your romance.

Option No. 2: Date like teenagers. Go to an arcade or the local amusement park. Play video games to team up or challenge each other. Shoot the most number of toy soldiers or toy Indians with a pellet gun or burst tiny balloons with darts to win prizes. If your heart health will still allow it, ride the roller coaster and scream at the top of your lungs. When you’re done with the rides, pig out on corndogs, pizza, fries and nachos. Top the experience with a shared cone of ice cream and seal the night with a kiss and a warm embrace.

Option No. 3: Set out on a road trip. It’s a great time to check out new places or, to visit some secluded resort you both love being to. Plan to see historical places, try local eats, party at local bars and dance the night away with total strangers and with only each other to trust. The beauty of travelling with your significant other is that it teaches you both to trust each other and have faith in each other because you don’t know anybody else where you are.

Make sure to make a list of everything you might possibly need on the road to keep your date comfortable and convenient. If you’re both feeling more adventurous, forget the reservations. Pullover whenever you feel like you need one — even for a hot booty call, just make sure nobody else is watching.

Option No. 4: Go stargazing. Check out local astronomy clubs. These orgs would often have special Valentine’s Day tour and stargazing offers. Sign up yourself and your partner, and prepare to spend the rest of the night out in the open and under the starry, starry night. Better yet, get a telescope and head outdoors — just the two of you (and kids, if you have little ones). Don’t forget to bring a guide of the constellation, knick knacks and some drinks. If you have space in your backyard, you can simply set up a mat or pitch a tent right there.

Option No. 5: Private movie viewing. How about doing everything right in the convenience of your own home? Have food delivered or cook up a beautiful dish and dessert for two. After dinner, cuddle up on the living room floor with a freshly and nicely popped tub of popcorn to share. You know what happens next.

The Dating Game

You can reserve a hotel room, even book a private jet to take you and your partner to a secluded island. No matter what dating option you choose, the point of dating remains the same: it’s spending a romantic time — not just any other quality time — with the person you genuinely love and who loves the best and the worst of you to the moon and back. Don’t forget to say, “I love you!”


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