How to use Snapchat for your business

Follow on Snapchat. Take a screenshot of this snapcode. Go to your Snapchat account. Click the ghost icon on the upper lefthand corner of your screen to take you to your home page. Click Add Friends -> Add by Snapcode -> Select the image you took of the snapcode above.

Five years ago, Snapchat founders, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy (who is Fil-Am, by the way, and is listed by Forbes magazine to be worth US $1.8 billion) and Reggie Brown, then students at Stanford University in California, experimented with a new platform that provided users more privacy than Facebook. Early in 2017, Snapchat became a publicly registered company with a declared value totalling US $3 billion.

“Snap Inc. is a camera company,” the company website reads. In reality, it’s a communication platform that is not yet quite as popular as Facebook is for networking, and much less known for business purposes.  Philippines ranks 6th on the most number of active users on Facebook; that is, 60 million Filipinos on Facebook out of the total 1.7 billion users worldwide. Still, here, we will tell you why your brand needs to be on Snapchat right now.

Social media use in the Philippines

Based on the report, “Digital in 2016” from We Are Social, Filipinos spend the most amount of time on social media clocking in 04:17.  Other important statistics that you must consider which were also highlighted in the report:

  • Philippines has 58 per cent Internet penetration rate, and second highest growth of Internet users (27 per cent ) next to Indonesia (51 per cent) in 2016
  • 38 per cent of Filipino Internet users use mobile devices to access the Internet
  • 58 per cent of Filipinos are active on social media, including 12 million new users in 2016
  • 38 per cent of Filipinos participate in e-Commerce (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand each has between 50 to 60 per cent e-Commerce participation)

The profitable side of Snapchat

SnapChat is far from the robust analytics available on Facebook or Google which allow you to make an analysis of your audience and customers. Plus, messages disappear by default, depending on your settings.  Frankly, the most compelling reason for your business to be on Snapchat right now is because Snapchat is the latest, most fun thing to do on social media at the moment, and it is in your best interest to have your presence felt on the platform right now to join in the fun — and sell more.

So, how can you effectively use it for your business? Here are at least five ways:

1. Create Snapcodes to support your branding and promotions efforts. Snapcode works like a QR code or a barcode. It carries your unique data.  Here are three ways by which you can take advantage of this Snapchat feature:

  • When you register on SnapChat, register using your business credentials, that is, email and mobile number. It will then create a Snapchat account for your business with a matching snapcode. Go ahead and snap your company logo or yourself if you are your own brand (such as if you’re running a blogging service).
  • Create a snapcode for your website. Go to Settings —> Snapcode —> Create snapcode. Type in your web address then generate your snapcode. Take a screenshot and start sharing.
  • Create a snapcode for a special promo that you are running for a limited period.

You can put your Snapchat snapcode account on your website and other social media accounts to let your clients know that they may also follow you on Snapchat. Post your website’s snapcode on your social media accounts, including on Instagram, to invite your followers to view your website. Use these on your business cards. If you have a physical store, print and post.

Snapcode for the Take a snap and Snapchat will open the website instantly from the Snapchat app.

2. Use Snapchat to drive campaigns.  On this platform, you only have roughly 10 seconds or less to make an impression, deliver information and make your call to action.  Run a brand campaign that asks users to, for instance, take a snap beside your product or logo. Make it worthwhile for them to engage by giving away prizes, at least for top entries.

3. Offer your Snapchat space for a fee. If you have a mass following on Snapchat or, if you’re on your way there, you can lure in brands to collaborate with you. Negotiate for a fee — as usual, in cash or in kind — to feature a brand, service or product on your Snapchat account. Just keep in mind that your biggest asset online is your reputation so you better be careful which brands you are collaborating with. Also, be transparent with your followers. Let them know if a product or service that you are featuring is sponsored.

4. Create geofilters for your events.  One of the more exciting new features on SnapChat is geofilters. You can use this feature if you are running a public event, such as a concert or a mall-wide sale. Create a unique geofilter for your event. Visit the snapchat website for guidelines and submission requirements.

5. Sell products and services. People are starting to use Snapchat to sell but there are quite a number of improvements required on the platform to make transactions easy, that includes enabling secure online payments. You can still snap on what you’re selling to drive them to your website, Facebook, Amazon or eBay store.

Anyway, the best use of Snapchat when it comes to selling your products and services is by creating coupons or flash sale announcements that your followers can snap and present in store.

Ready. Set. Snap! Alright, hold on. You need to download Snapchat on your mobile first. Enjoy!


Kemp, Simon. “Digital in 2016” We Are Social. Link:  Accessed on: 7 Mar 2017

Vinton, Kate. “The World’s Youngest Billionaires 2016: 66 Under 40” Forbes Link:  Accessed on: 7 Mar 2017


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