Healthy, No Bake Sweet Treats To Make And Eat With The Kids

It’s summer!…And the heat wave has definitely taken over! Here’s a guest post from Craig, an Editor at Cake Journal who — thank goodness — is sharing with us 10 easy ways to enjoy sweet and healthy treats that will keep our kids’ little fingers busy too. The best part is: there’s no baking required. Continue Reading




Why Helicopter Parents May Be Putting Their Children At A Disadvantage And How They May Be Hurting Your Child

Do you suffer from parenting dilemmas? You’re not alone.Having written several parenting tips for clients just recently, I’ve come across the term, “helicopter parenting,”  After reflecting on indirect parenting conflicts we’ve had with one of my son’s classmate’s mom, I was able to detach myself from despising how this parent has been jumping on every opportunity, it seemed, to include herself in my son’s and her son’s affairs. Instead of indulging myself at pinpointing her every bad motive, I actually ended up asking myself, “Am I a helicopter parent too?” Continue Reading



Is This A Sign Of Love? Or, Do You Have A Heart Problem?

Falling in and out of love are all part of life. The loves you’ve found and the loves you’ve lost all make living life worthwhile, don’t they? How your heart feels can be just as confusing as your first love if you don’t know how to listen in.  Continue Reading

asian-woman-workingCAREER AND FINANCES

7 compelling reasons why you should look for another job right now

Feel like you’ve been waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately?  When you feel uninspired about going to work, there can be many reasons but, the most compelling ones may involve your job itself.  Is it time for you to go on a job expedition yet again?  Or, might it be just a temporary itch to leave and try something new? Continue Reading

youtube-1158693_1920HOME AND FAMILY

“Mom, Can I Have My Own YouTube Channel?” – Must You Approve Or Refuse?

Last night, my grade school aged son popped me this question.  Initially, I thought that he was being silly. My first reaction was a grin and a crisp, “Hahaha”.  Having realized that he was still waiting for a serious response, I said, “Why?” Continue Reading


My Valentine’s Surprise: Dinner at Melo’s

I got my Valentine’s Day surprise much earlier this year. Okay, it wasn’t much of a surprise — my husband isn’t exactly the adventurous type (peace!) This was more of a gastronomic exploration, the kind that we hadn’t had the time nor energy to do in recent years. There’s not much you can do, you know, when you have two toddlers running around and 24 hours everyday never seems to be enough to get everything done. Continue Reading