Gigi Hadid ‘not thin enough’ -since when?

Tommy x Gigi
Photo taken from Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account.

Tommy Hilfiger has been quoted, seemingly criticizing Hadid’s figure. It was an observation that Hilfiger expressed the first time the two met in preparation for the Tommy Hilfiger RTW runway show.

Of course with the recent launch of the much awaited and much publicized Tommy x Gigi collection, the two have been photographed like the best of besties. After all, the two fashion icons have revealed that they are collaborating yet again for the launch of Hadid’s very own fashion label. This time, she’s designing the clothes. Might Tommy be thin enough to wear her designs? —hmmmm..

In another Gigi Hadid news, have you seen how Reebok just got sexier with Hadid in Reebok gear, boxing her way into the ring? Hadid is leading Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign.

This top model is not new to sports at all! She was, at one point before her modeling career took off, a junior olympics qualifier for the US volleyball team.

Exercise for her, she says, is a way to quiet the noises inside her head. Hear ye, Ladies!


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