Summer Fashion 2016

Ready to Beat the Heat?

Summer Fashion 2016 is steaming hot, and with El Niño further intensifying the heat in the Philippines, you got every reason to show off a wicked amount of skin.  Just remember, ladies who leave some things to the imagination almost always get their fashion sense right.

That’s exactly what’s been trending this quarter, both in local boutiques and on the runways of the world’s most luxurious brands.

With the Coachella Season underway this April, it’s hard to ignore that this famed annual music and arts festival set with the Colorado Desert in the background, is the center of inspiration of many foreign retail brands, most notably H&M and Forever 21.  Of course, Mango, through its “Tribal Spirit” collection had its own take on the Coachella with the handsome Kendall Jenner leading its campaign in the first quarter of 2016.

Expect to see more off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, and tube blouses and dresses, tassled skirts and bags, and plenty of native and tribal inspired prints for the rest of the summer.  Forever 21 probably has the most affordable Coachella collection, with an Php 800.00 high-waisted skirt.

Locally, H&M has the most extensive Coachella collection.  It has several off-the-shoulder, laced, embroidered, crocheted and tassled tops, dresses and jumpsuit shorts carrying price tags of Php 899.00 to Php 5,000.00.

ZARA is carrying the same look for its Summer Fashion 2016 pieces, with an interesting fusion of tribal inspired prints.  Forever 21 includes an elegant Ikat-inspired dress.  For those who have not come across Ikat, Philippines is rich in this fabric dyeing technique.

Rock your Coachella look from the KajiKin collection, price starts at Php 200.00 only.  See our crocheted tops, dresses, off-the-shoulder jumpsuits, and short shorts in earth colors.  Also, watch out for our own tribal prints, inspired by no less than our very own native textiles and ingenious style.  Check out our timeless, ethnic inspired dress, perfect for office wear, Sunday wear, or whenever you need to look decent and stylish at the same time — KajiKin “Ethnic Printed Dress”, yours for just PhP 350.00. Use the search tab to see the items mentioned or, go to “New Arrivals“.

You can also relax your legs from those painful stiletto heels this season — yipee!  ’Tis the season for sneakers, loafers and mules.  Pair them up with a slitted midi dress from the KajiKin collection (Search “midi dress” to see relevant items in the collection or, go to “New Arrivals“).

Long slitted blouses, jumpsuits, jumpsuit shorts, and long vests will continue to be part of your staple, go-to outfits this season too.  Get them all here on KajiKin, price starts at Php 200.00 only.