5 breakfast ideas that take 15 minutes or under to prep


How many times have you been told before by your mom never to skip breakfast?  Now, you’re probably repeating that to your own kids too.  There is a reason and science, and not just tradition, behind this age old wisdom.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should always take a few minutes to take a bite:

1.  Breakfast restores your body’s nutrient levels after several hours of breathing and churning on an empty stomach.  If you’ve been taking your dinners at the same, regular hours of between 6 pm to 8 pm then, the length of time between your dinner and when your alarm sounds off at 5 am (earlier if you want to beat EDSA traffic) would be equivalent to about half of a day.  That means, when you don’t take breakfast, you will have starved your body of much-needed fuel by the time you take a brunch at 10 am or worse, lunch at 12 noon.

2.  Breakfast sets the tone for how and what your body craves throughout the day.  By taking breakfast, you set up an ideal environment for your cells to function well.  They don’t prompt your body to go into starvation mode that make you crave nasty foods, and your body to store dirty sources of energy.  Breakfast therefore aids in better weight management too.

3.  Breakfast improves your mood and performance.  The same goes for your kids.  A study in 2003 which was published in the journal, “Appetite1”, showed how a breakfast that contained complex carbohydrates supported better mental performance among 29 school-aged children.

Never again make hectic mornings sound like a good reason for you, your husband or kids to skip on the most important meal of the day.  Have one of these 5 easy breezy breakfast ideas to jumpstart your weekdays with a sunshiny smile:

Breakfast No. 1:  Toast and peanut butter.  Hurrah, if you have a toaster!  Place loaves of bread on each hole and wait for the bread to pop out.  Spread with your favorite peanut butter.  Serve with a glass of milk for the kids. Calories: 150 per slice

Breakfast No. 2: Oatmeal and bananas.  Boil water in the thermos.  Once boiled, empty sachets of instant oatmeal, in flavors preferred by your loved ones.  Then, pour hot water.  Serve with bananas, papayas, apples or whatever starchy fruit you can find in your fridge.  Calories: 300 per serving

Breakfast No. 3: Cheesy egg and mushroom scramble.  Heat your pan.  Drizzle with oil.  Crack an egg open and give it a quick scramble.  Pour in a can of mushrooms or, slice fresh ones.  Add a pinch of salt and pepper.  Pour into your pan.  For a more flavorful treat, add in herbs. Calories: 500 per serving

Breakfast No. 4: Waffle dogs.  Steam your hotdogs.  While waiting for your hotdogs to cook, empty your pre-mix into a bowl.  Follow instructions.  Stir and add water or milk to your preferred consistency.  Transfer your hotdogs to a plate.  Plug in your waffle maker. When the surface is hot, start pouring in your premix to fill half of each container.  Add your hotdogs.  Then, pour in some more premix to cover.  Cover with the lid and wait for a few minutes before claiming your waffle dogs.  Calories: 250 per piece

Breakfast No. 5: Fruits and veggies medley smoothies.  The healthiest breakfast option from among this list, depending of course on the medley that you’re making!  Simply cut your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces.  Add a few cubes of ice, some water, and your sliced fresh produce into a blender.  Blend to your preferred consistency.  For a protein boost, add in your whey or, you can also add plain yogurt for a yummier treat.  Calories: 300 per glass (depending on contents)

Always start your day with a wide smile on your face and a full stomach.  These two are enough to make you warm you up to a good mood and a more optimistic outlook.


Wesnes, Keith A., et. al. Breakfast reduces declines in attention and memory over the morning in schoolchildren. 2002: vol. 4, issue 3, December 2003, Pages 329–331.  Accessed from: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0195666303001314 Accessed on: 5 Nov 2016