We are modern women


Us, modern women, survive challenges everyday.  This House creates a space where we can help each other pursue our passions and feel safe sharing the lessons we learn along the way.  It takes real women to understand the real world roles of a modern woman — a partner, a mother, daughter, sister, colleague and a priced member of the community where she lives.

We experiment. We explore.  We try new things here that we know will interest you.  We don’t live perfect lives.  We will not help you create a perfect life nor a perfect home.  We happen to be in the same boat as you are but not lost.  Being lost is just a matter of perspective.  We’d rather take this phase of our lives as a time to set out on an exciting adventure to build the life we want for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Try new things with us.  Walk to new adventures with us.  Let us help each other survive the great, big world, and always to do it with flair, elegance and the wisdom to contribute smart opinions on matters we like, love and are concerned about.  Let us take risks together, solve problems together, and feel alright even when we fail.

Celebrate the power and passions of the modern woman in my house

— The House of Margaux.

Let’s turn this space into a home, shall we?

Margaux Diaz

Events Manager. Trainer.  Research Consultant. Wife.  Mother.  Daughter. Style, Fashion, Beauty, Home, Family, Food and Health Enthusiast.

*This is the real me.  Where you see anything that tells you otherwise, it’s somebody else talking.


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