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Is This A Sign Of Love? Or, Do You Have A Heart Problem?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Admit it! You’ve taken extra steps to look extra special today, didn’t you? Well, for good reasons, everybody else around you is dressed up for date night tonight. You probably have yours calendared at 6 pm on-the-dot. New dress, new stilettos, a good looking new haircut, even your nails are done. You’re all set but, is your heart well?

Listen To Your Heart

Falling in and out of love are all part of life. The loves you’ve found and the loves you’ve lost all make living life worthwhile, don’t they? How your heart feels can be just as confusing as your first love if you don’t know how to listen in.

You have to tune into your body to help you figure out your heart health


As a matter of fact, experts are saying that you have to tune into your body to help you figure out your heart health. Listed below are some of the tell-tale signs that your heart may be in BIG trouble:

1. Breathlessness and fatigue. When you’re putting in more effort to breathe even with just a mild exercise or just walking yourself from the bedroom to the bathroom, there could be something wrong with your heart. If your endurance and stamina, likewise, suffers inside the bedroom, most especially if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction when you know you’re not yet at that age, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

2. Sleeping disorders and snoring. Do you snore? Also known as sleep apnea, snoring is far from just being an embarrassing sleeping habit. It’s a symptom of heart disease, even of an impending heart attack. You snore because your air pathways are not as open as they should be while you’re sleeping. Therefore, as your body, most especially your lungs and your heart, try to compensate to obtain the volume of oxygen your body needs, your brain, heart rate, blood pressure, and even breathing become adversely affected. Permanent damage to your organs develop over time.


Many studies have also confirmed that there is a link between missing sufficient hours of sleep night after night and developing heart diseases, among many other chronic, lifelong ill health conditions. Two such studies are discussed below:

  • A study published in the Current Cardiology Reviews sorted through studies linking sleeplessness to hypertension (HT), coronary heart disease (CHD), and diabetes mellitus (DM). The researchers concluded that there is sufficient evidence to show a link between lack of sleep and these three diseases. The conclusion reads, “the relationship between sleep time and incidence of CHD or DM is U-shaped. Sleep periods that are neither too short nor too long may be important to keep us healthy”.
  • In another study published in the European Heart Journal, the researchers observed over 470,000 subjects based in 8 countries with baseline data reported across 15 studies spanning 7 to 25 years. The researchers concluded that, “Short duration of sleep was associated with a greater risk of developing or dying of CHD (and) stroke”. The researchers further noted that sleeping for more than 9 hours a day is also associated with increased risk for heart disease.

3. Heart palpitations. Fine if it’s your true love that’s making your heart skip a beat but, if you become more aware of your heartbeat more often then, something must not be right. Heart palpitations signal that your heart’s components — muscles, valves, ventricles — aren’t well-coordinated that’s why you feel a skipped beat or a throbbing, racing heartbeat. This may be triggered by caffeine, tobacco, stress, menopause, and pregnancy. Poor health, including the presence of conditions like CHD, having lower than normal levels of potassium in your body, and anemia can also cause heart palpitations.

4. Gum and oral diseases. It might surprise you to know that your oral health has also been linked to developing cardiovascular diseases. One study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine demonstrated that subjects who have had their oral health checked and treated more regularly spent less on medical and hospitalizations costs for both coronary artery disease (CAD) and cerebral vascular disease (CVD).

Another study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology which reviewed the results of studies linking periodontal health and heart diseases confirms that a link exists between these two variables. However, the researchers further concluded, “Prospective interventional studies are required to determine the exact link between PD and CVD as well as to evaluate whether periodontal treatment may reduce the risk of developing CVD.”

Studies linking oral health and heart health are relatively new, and the American Heart Association is taking things more slowly. An article published on the organization’s website reads:

“Periodontitis and heart disease share risk factors such as smoking, age and diabetes, and both contribute to inflammation in the body. Although these shared risk factors may explain why diseases of the blood vessels and mouth can occur simultaneously, some evidence suggests that there may be an independent association between the two diseases.”

5. Aching shoulders. You will usually dismiss this as your regular symptom of stress but, now you must know to never again take sore shoulders and upper back pains lightly. These could be signs of deteriorating heart health. On the other hand, painful shoulders can also lead to heart problems, as a study of more than 1,200 laborers claim. The researchers said that injury to the shoulders may cutoff or slowdown blood flow, increasing an affected person’s risk for developing heart problems.

6. Dizziness. Poor blood flow to the brain, most especially when further aggravated by low blood pressure, limits the supply of oxygen entering both your brain and your heart. If you’ve been feeling nauseous lately, it can’t be a good sign.

7. Chest pains. First of all, any chest pain that you feel, most especially if it is sudden and intense or, persistent, must be immediately brought to the attention of a healthcare provider. Chest pains can signal an impending heart attack. Of course, other conditions can also make your chest ache, among many, that includes: muscle strain, ulcer, and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD or, acid reflux).


Here’s a guide prepared by the Harvard Medical School to help you distinguish chest pain that is likely due to a heart attack versus chest pain that may be caused by other reasons:

More likely to be a heart attack

Less likely to be a heart attack

Sensation of pain, or of pressure, tightness, squeezing, or burning Sharp or knifelike pain brought on by breathing or coughing
Gradual onset of pain over the course of a few minutes Sudden stabbing pain that lasts only a few seconds
Pain in diffuse area, including a constant pain in middle of chest Pain clearly on one side of the body or the other
Pain that extends to the left arm, neck, jaw, or back (see figure below) Pain that is localized to one small spot
Pain or pressure accompanied by other signs, such as difficulty breathing, a cold sweat, or sudden nausea Pain that lasts for many hours or days without any other symptoms
Pain or pressure that appears during or after physical exertion or emotional stress (heart attack) or while you are at rest (unstable angina) Pain reproduced by pressing on the chest or with body motion

Give Your Heart The Love It Deserves

People say that you have to love yourself first so that you can love others more. Caring for your heart today is one of the best ways that you can demonstrate self-love. Get yourself screened for heart disease most especially when you feel any of the common signs and symptoms of an unhealthy heart shared in this article, and if you have any one or more of the following risk factors:

  • old age (above 45)
  • hypertension
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • smoking
  • diabetes
  • overweight or obesity
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • family history
  • chronic stress
  • any existing heart condition
  • previous heart attack

(This article is unsponsored.  It is not meant to provide any medical or treatment advise of any sort.  Please seek the help of a medical professional if you think you may need treatment.)

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Finding LOVE at Age 46

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more; that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” — Noah to Allie in “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone or all by yourself, stories of love — all forms of it but, most especially the romantic kind — will keep being created. The best love stories will keep being told through the end of time.

It’s not hard to understand why we love ‘love stories’. They evoke so much human emotion, raw and pure, the only kind of truth that can only be spoken by our souls. It is the story that touches our lives or, at best, one in which we play the role of the lover, partner, friend, soulmate. The role is relative to somebody else and does not exist without the other — always remembered and never to be forgotten.

No boyfriend since birth

Is there a right kind of love? Is there a right time for love? This is the love story sought and now lived by Marifel Somera-Orden who, after all, did not “grow old alone and lonely,” her fears in her own words.


Not so long ago, Marifel longed for her own romance too. She spent decades thinking to herself, “How come other women had men to call their own and I don’t?” Nobody courted her, and, in all terms, was living the life of a ’dalagang Filipina’ (colloquial, means ‘never been touched and never been kissed’) who was an inch close to becoming ‘matandang dalaga’ (old maid). “I started thinking that maybe something was wrong with me.”

“Who would comfort me in times when I feel miserable?”

Now married with a good man by her side, Marifel will finally be spending Valentine’s Day with her very own special someone. “There was a time in my life when Valentine’s Day was never a good day for me. I pitied myself as I envied the ladies walking down the streets, bouquets on one hand and chocolates on the other. That was why I would often just stay at home, watch anything but a romantic flick on tv, and binge on junk foods.”

Her plans for this year’s Valentine’s? “We’ll have a quiet dinner, nothing fancy. We’ve just recently spent for home improvements so we promised not to gift each other but, we’ll see if I get flowers for Valentine’s.”

When the love bug strikes

Marifel had a number of communities where she belonged to but, stayed put in the same place of work for decades. It was the last place she or anybody who knew her would have thought she’d find the one who would win her heart.

Marifel and, her husband, Erwin, were work colleagues. Erwin joined the same company in 2009. “I didn’t like him at first,” she confessed. “He seemed to me like he had walls built around him that nobody could tear down.” Both frequently argued over the stuff that mattered at work but, mostly, over little things that most people wouldn’t care about. Soon enough, their officemates began to notice their love-hate relationship and started teasing them.

“It wasn’t until 2011, during a business trip in Palawan, when I realized, that I was absolutely attracted to Erwin.” It was one of many work-related trips that they’ve shared before then. This one in particular allowed them to get to know each other better. “We stayed at a farm inside a rural university. We didn’t have tv so there was nothing else to do after conducting the trainings.”

So, they ended up telling each other stories night after night. “We’d lie down on the same bed, hands clasped and skin to skin.” “Nothing kinky happened,” she would immediately clarify, “but those moments made me feel electrified”. “Those were the first few moments of my life to be so intimately and dangerously close to a man. I remember feeling giddy and it felt good!”

“On the final night of our stay, I felt sad because that meant our evening conversations would be over soon and I’ve grown to look forward to the habit.” Habit it became. Once they were back in Manila, Erwin and Marifel would continue talking for hours every night.

The proposal

The two would spend many years and many other adventures together before they made it official that they were an item. “In March 2014, while we were off to spend time together at the Manila Ocean Park, he asked me, ‘Are you taking me seriously?’ and all I could manage to say was, ‘huh?’” Then Erwin told her, “Basta seryoso ako sa’yo at pakakasalan kita (Never mind, just trust me that I am serious and that I will marry you)”. Marifel’s breath was taken away, “Heaven!”

It wasn’t until December 2015 when Marifel got formally proposed to.  While the two were attending a Christmas get-together dinner, Erwin pretended to be sick. “So, I checked up on him, who allegedly was resting at an upstairs room.” She didn’t expect to find Erwin to be kneeling on the floor with three red roses in hand, red petals all around, asking her, ‘Will you marry me?’ “That was just the beginning of wonderful times ahead of us,” Marifel exclaims.

Asked about how it felt like to finally find the love of her life, Marifel relates, “I feel happy, content and at peace”. “I am finally home with my one and only.”  She says that she feels an unexplainable joy inside of her and she knows that it was God who answered her heart’s desires.

Life as a married woman

On 16 July 2016, Marifel and Erwin were joined in Holy Matrimony to their happiness and to the joy of their families and friends.

“Married life is blissful, exciting, comforting. It gives me joy and peace. I feel safe and protected.” “Some lust is a must,” she adds as she bursts into laughter. “It can’t be perfect though. We have those moments when nobody would want to stand down. We’ll wait until it’s calm to iron out our differences but, we never let a day pass by without making up.”

“My weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa.” Marifel and Erwin create more happy memories by taking long drives, out of town trips, eating in their favorite restaurants, and  just spending time at home seated close to each other while listening to good music and holding each other’s hands.

Finding true love

To women who feel stuck and are in the same place where she was before finding the love of her life, Marifel says to, “Pray for the man who deserves you. God hears your heart’s desires and will grant it in His perfect time. Keep believing even when it seems impossible.”


“I had three wishes for my love life,” she recalls. “First, I wished to marry a best friend. Second, I wished for a man who will take me for what I am and love me for who I am — with all my bad moods and my excess cholesterol,” she says as she breaks out to a loud laughter. “Lastly, I wished for someone who will be proud of me and shout out to the rest of the world how much he loves me. I got all of it.”

After she accepted Erwin’s marriage proposal, Erwin let everybody on Facebook know that 2015 was the last Christmas he would spend as a single man. “He is not that type of expressive,” Marifel says.

Believe in the power of love

The famous classic writer, George Orson Welles once wrote, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” That’s why you must keep your faith and keep finding love in and with people around you. Romance is but a chance but to keep sharing your love will always be a choice.

What is your love story? Share your story with us by commenting below.


My Valentine’s Surprise: Dinner at Melo’s

I got my Valentine’s Day surprise much earlier this year. Okay, it wasn’t much of a surprise — my husband isn’t exactly the adventurous type (peace!) This was more of a gastronomic exploration, the kind that we hadn’t had the time nor energy to do in recent years. There’s not much you can do, you know, when you have two toddlers running around and 24 hours everyday never seems to be enough to get everything done.

No excuses

We didn’t make excuses this year though. Thank goodness we didn’t. Had we made those lame, “I have no time” excuses again, we would have missed out on one of the most mouth-watering treats around town that couples can enjoy this month of love: Melo’s, The Home of Certified Angus Beef and Chilled Wagyu.

While waiting for our orders to be served, we were treated to delicious, freshly made buns served with Emborg butter and a small bowl of clear soup.

Alright, so before I tell you more about the delicious beef we had over dinner, let me tell you first about my choice of salad, the Fisherman’s Salad, Php 420.00. It’s a combination of crab stick, mussels, white cobbler, shrimps, scallops, squid, eggs, cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce tossed up in Melo’s homemade mayo. This is not the kind of salad that you can order anytime, anywhere. Great choice.

Melo’s Fisherman’s Salad

There are other salads on the menu: Classic Caesar, Php 380; Citrus Medley Arugula, Php 360; Premium Grilled Norwegian Salmon with mixed greens, Php 680; and, Foie Gras, Php 880. We skipped the appetizers to make room for the heavy tummy loading about to be served. If you feel like having some appetizers to go with your wine, your choices include: Oyster Sampler, Php 780; Barbecue Chicken Wings, Php 440; Gambas, Php 520; Escargot, Php 580; and, Shrimp Cocktail Php 520.

Instead of red wine, we opted to pair our steak with beer. I chose San Miguel Cerveza Negra (sarap!)

Now, on to the main course. We settled for the Porterhouse, Php 238/oz. For my husband and I, an 18-ounce serving was filling enough and just right. It is a cut below the prime portions at Melo’s. Here’s what you need to know to make your best choice:

  • The “Certified Angus Beef” (or, CAB) label commands the highest prices in beef. That’s because these grades of meat satisfy the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) criteria for the top two meat grades: Choice and Prime. Then, CAB goes further to satisfy 8 other criteria.
  • At Melo’s, you can help yourself to an 8 oz serving of Prime Grade Certified Angus Prime Tenderloin, Php 3,380; Certified Angus Tenderloin, 8 0z, Choice Grade, Php 2,580; and, Ribeye, Choice Grade, Php 238/oz. You may also ask about the Dry-Prime Grade.
  • There are lower grades of beef available. If you’re not sure, you can ask your waiter about which order of steak will best suit your meat preferences. They are very well informed and are knowledgeable of the cuts that they’re selling.
  • Then, you need to make a preference how you want your steak done. We always have our steak ‘Medium Well’ – no toasted sides, no bleeding and just the right kind of cooking we like.
Melo’s Porterhouse Steak which we opted to be served with clear soup, mixed greens and mashed potatoes

So, what if you or your date is really not into steak? There are more choices on the menu, including Wagyu burger, pasta, seafood and lamb chops.

Satisfied diners.

Have a pleasant Valentine’s Day dating experience. Enjoy the food but, most of all, enjoy each other’s company.




Valentine’s Day dating ideas

Surprises! That’s why we look forward to life events and annual celebrations like Valentine’s Day.  Special dates such as these are proof that people enjoy being flattered, and I say that even for those who despise February 14 — you know, people in red, dating couples, cupids, flowers?

Top 5 dating ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

Feel like you’re stuck with the usual reservation at a formal dining or exclusive dating venue? Before expanding your ideas for your Valentine’s date night, there are some considerations you have to make. Consider the amount of time you have to execute your preparations, how much you are willing to spend over a date, and what your and your partner’s interests are.

These five suggestions are guaranteed to make you rethink your Valentine’s Day dating options:

Option No. 1: Head down memory lane. If you have been with your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend for a considerable number of years now, a look back at the good times and memories that you both treasure will create a different kind of Valentine’s Day experience.

Prepare a rough sketch, like a treasure map, of all the places you’re driving to for the rest of the night or the weekend. Make it more interesting by composing riddles or dropping hints of what each of those places marked on your map is. For example, you can just put there, “You had me at ‘Hello’” to indicate that that’s the place where you first became romantically attracted to your partner. Work from there: where you watched your first movie, where you became engaged, some secret place only the two of you know about, and so on and so forth. You’ll be surprised how those wonderful memories will rekindle your romance.

Option No. 2: Date like teenagers. Go to an arcade or the local amusement park. Play video games to team up or challenge each other. Shoot the most number of toy soldiers or toy Indians with a pellet gun or burst tiny balloons with darts to win prizes. If your heart health will still allow it, ride the roller coaster and scream at the top of your lungs. When you’re done with the rides, pig out on corndogs, pizza, fries and nachos. Top the experience with a shared cone of ice cream and seal the night with a kiss and a warm embrace.

Option No. 3: Set out on a road trip. It’s a great time to check out new places or, to visit some secluded resort you both love being to. Plan to see historical places, try local eats, party at local bars and dance the night away with total strangers and with only each other to trust. The beauty of travelling with your significant other is that it teaches you both to trust each other and have faith in each other because you don’t know anybody else where you are.

Make sure to make a list of everything you might possibly need on the road to keep your date comfortable and convenient. If you’re both feeling more adventurous, forget the reservations. Pullover whenever you feel like you need one — even for a hot booty call, just make sure nobody else is watching.

Option No. 4: Go stargazing. Check out local astronomy clubs. These orgs would often have special Valentine’s Day tour and stargazing offers. Sign up yourself and your partner, and prepare to spend the rest of the night out in the open and under the starry, starry night. Better yet, get a telescope and head outdoors — just the two of you (and kids, if you have little ones). Don’t forget to bring a guide of the constellation, knick knacks and some drinks. If you have space in your backyard, you can simply set up a mat or pitch a tent right there.

Option No. 5: Private movie viewing. How about doing everything right in the convenience of your own home? Have food delivered or cook up a beautiful dish and dessert for two. After dinner, cuddle up on the living room floor with a freshly and nicely popped tub of popcorn to share. You know what happens next.

The Dating Game

You can reserve a hotel room, even book a private jet to take you and your partner to a secluded island. No matter what dating option you choose, the point of dating remains the same: it’s spending a romantic time — not just any other quality time — with the person you genuinely love and who loves the best and the worst of you to the moon and back. Don’t forget to say, “I love you!”

Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Ernest Hemingway is credited for the advice, ”Better to have lost and loved than never to have loved at all.” Aren’t we all just taking our chances? We’re betting our lives on our significant others with whom we are risking and betting the rest of our lives with.

If you’re contemplating on giving your woman — wife or girlfriend (it better not be both!) — a little something special this Valentine’s, there’s a good chance that you’ve chosen well. It is the best time of the year to let her know that if only because Valentine’s Day is celebrated to give the very special people in our lives the recognition that they deserve for loving us in return for who we are — all the shortcomings and imperfections included.

Chocolates vs. Flowers

Any or both will make your wife or girlfriend blush so there’s really no point in debating which one is better. The real question is, “What will make her happy?” Since men often complain about women being so hard to please, let me breakdown here why that may not be entirely true.

Here are 10 best Valentine’s Day 2017 gift ideas for her:


1. At-home microdermabrasion devices. Want to see her happy and smiling everyday? Give her this gift that keeps giving the moment she opens your gift box and in the years to come. A single session of microdermabrasion can easily cost upwards of US $100. That means, every time she uses this device, she gets to save that much! Plus her skin gets a health boost from the faster skin cell turnover facilitated by this device.


2. DIY age-defying laser treatment. If you thought that Item No. 1 is a great idea, have a look at this at-home beauty device. Lasers provide better precision, more accurate skin peeling which minimizes unnecessary skin damage during the exfoliation and treatment process. Since it is more advanced, you’ll have to spend more for this item. Again, since it’s  a gift that keeps giving, your girl will be able to save more in the long run (If you’re the one paying for her treatments then you can expect expenses on your credit card extension to go down.)


3. Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder foundation.  Give her the gift of a flawless coverage without the irritating fragrances and harmful parabens. It is formulated to protect skin from UV damage using only mineral sunscreen ingredients, prevent  inflammation and restore skin health.



4. Juice Beauty Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream, 15 ml. Rich in vitamins and moisturizers, that include Vitamin C and E, Co-enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid and peptides, this eye cream will help keep your woman’s eye area look and stay youthful. It improves the appearance of dark under eye circles and hyper pigmentation while also revitalizing dull skin.


5. Humidifier. This is a gift that actually benefits you too. Not many people realize how important this piece of small home appliance is. Air indoors can get stuffy or too humid. It can suck out the moisture from the skin which dries it up, as well as cause stuffy nose, start a cold, make throats itchy and cause lips to become cracked and swollen. The solution is simply adding a humidifier to your room.


6. Wireless headphones. For your girl who knows and loves her music, trust only a good quality headset to deliver her music — make it wireless. This headset allows her to dance and twist around the house and be carefree anytime she wants without being limited by wires and while both of her hands are free to swing to the music too.


7. A cleaning assistant. No, not a maid. Get your wife or girlfriend a robot vacuum cleaner that allows her to do something else besides sweep your home or apartment — like maybe cuddle up with you.




8. Home-cooked meal. Women love surprises. We’ll be flattered if you’d cook up something special for us on Valentine’s Day, most especially when you don’t really cook and had one of your friends or family members or YouTube teach you how to. Learn some of the best recipes to cook for her here.

9. A Weekend Spa Treat. Take her to your favourite spa location or, make the experience extra special by booking a weekend spa package at an out-of-town location. An inexpensive, relaxing and sensual back rub from you made extra special with a signature cream or essential oil concoction that you put together will best any spa service your money can buy.

10. An engagement or marriage proposal. If you seriously think it’s about time and she is the woman you’ve been waiting for then, put a ring on that finger. If you’ve been married for a long time, it may be timely to renew your wedding vows.

So, what’s it going to be?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well do you know the most important woman of your life? If you’ve been spending time talking to her and really listening to her, it shouldn’t be challenging to think of a suitable gift for her come Valentine’s Day.

Woman, drop your man  a hint by forwarding him this piece.

Happy V!


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

This article contains product suggestions aligned with our affiliate marketing initiatives.

Host Mario Lopez has this to say about men: “There’s three things men always talk about — women, sports, and cars.” Hey, as much as we’d like to believe him, we know our men better than Mario Lopez does. There’s one thing we can all agree to, I guess, and that is men are complicated animals we love to hate but we love to love more.

Valentine’s Day can be big in certain cultures. It kind of is in the Philippines. It’s funny how even if my friends, and even I too, who loathe the prominence of red on V-Day and ladies running around carrying bouquets, still think it will still be nice to be remembered with a little token or an out of the ordinary text message on Valentine’s. If you feel that way, then the man of your life probably does want to feel extra special on V-Day too.

Here are some V-Day gifting ideas that will fit the personality and interests of your man:

For the workaholic.

Give your man the most convenient pair of men’s jeans perfect for use during his downtime. He deserves one for the hard work.

Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Cool Max Jeans


How about gifting him with a comfortable pair of shoes to stroll with?


How about pimping his ride for a more relaxing, more convenient drive?

Zifeeling All Weather Delux Edition Full Set (Headrest and Lumbar) Flax Car Seat Cover


For the digital hobbyist.

If he just spoiled himself to an SLR, support his new hobby by getting him camera accessories to make his play more enjoyable.

Tripod to manage camera shakes and so that he can be part of the frame more often than not.

Andoer Pro Carbon Fiber Tripod for SLR Camera Ball Head Monopod


These days, SLR cameras usually only come with an 8GB memory disk. Imagine the volume of images he can store in this memory chip! It’s exactly what he needs for longer hours of uninterrupted shooting.

SanDisk Memory Card 128 GB

If you’re a couple who loves to spend time at home going over your old DVD collection, or checking out available movies on iflix or YouTube, level up your experience with a Smart Internet TV. Hint on spending V-Day at home.

Sony KDL-48W657D 48″ Full HD Internet TV


For the fitness buff.

Time and sweat are of the essence when working out for health or working out to lose weight are his priority. Give him the gift of precision.

Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch GWG-1000GB-1A Black


Today’s outdoor adventure wants to be able to move with all of the basics but also while keeping his gadgets safely tucked away. As a bonus, this bag is RFID protected.

Pacsafe Camsafe Z25 Laptop Backpack (Charcoal)



For the handyman.

If your man likes spending his free time tinkering his car, this will be a welcome addition to his car care collection.

Lotus LPW1450 1400W Pressure Washer (Grey) Free Bottle Soap


One of the all-time, best gift ideas for the DIY lover are tool sets. This drill set will help him do countless handiwork around the house — and you’ll be happier seeing the frames hung and the shelves installed. Okay, hold it, let’s just say he likes it more than you do (haha).

Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set – 06011A01K0 (Blue)


You can also reserve a spa getaway for an entire weekend (Ask a relative to look after the kids.) Most of all, consciously be conscientious and kind on Valentine’s so that you and your partner can spend a great time together.

Are you ready to go “Fifty Shades Darker”?

Two years after the world became acquainted with the very sexy and very virgin Anastasia Steele and the superbly perverted, polished and eloquent Christian Grey, we’re all finally going to witness the events that follow after that elevator closed carrying Ana, as she pushed away Christian uttering, “I can’t do this”.

“Punish me. I want to know how bad it can get.”

Painful whips after — that became the reason why Ana eventually walked away as the first instalment of the film drew to an abrupt ending.  Will there be more scenes of Ana being the submissive with Christian being the dominant partner in this sequel?  Will Ana give in to Christian’s perversions once again.  Or, will Christian heed to her request: “No rules, no punishments, and no more secrets”?

Here are some of the spoilers that we can all content ourselves for now as we wait for the film’s worldwide release in less than a month’s time:

Embed from Getty Images

1.  Elena will be joining the cast of intriguing characters.  Remember Christian’s confession about a family friend who taught him all the tricks of the trade and showed him the world of BDSM?  That woman will be played in the film by no other than the still exquisite and superbly talented actress, Kim Basinger.  Will she and Christian find themselves entangled in the same situation that started it all?

2.  Another shady ex-lover of Christian will haunt Ana.  Leila Williams continues her obsession with Christian and the thought of being the one to change him and his perverted ways.  Having learned of Ana, she plots to kill her and will have her at gunpoint.

3.  Christian and Ana will meet again and become engaged.  After all of the hot and steamy scenes in Part 1, the film did not end in happily ever after.  Turns out, this time, it just might.  The two finally stop holding back their emotions and realize that there’s more than just the whips, the ropes and the cuffs to their rather odd relationship.  Will there be a wedding?

4.  Steamier and hotter scenes are about to be revealed.  Hey, it would be another movie if it weren’t for these wild sexcapades of Ana with Christian, wouldn’t it?  Of course they will engage in sex again — in the shower.  Where else?  You’ll have to guess for now.

5.  Equally hot musical geniuses will be playing mood music in the background.  Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift team up for the hypnotic-slow techno vibe, “I don’t wanna live forever,” part of the film’s OST, released in December.  Taylor sings, “I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places/I see you around in all these empty faces.”  So, will it be a happy ending this time or, another heartbreaking split?

Of course, well, if you’ve already read the book then, this really isn’t a spoiler!

Forget your usual V-Day dating scenes.  Do away with the roses. Maybe save the chocolates?  “Fifty Shades Darker,” top billed by Dakota Johnson and Jason Dornan, will be released in the Philippines in February 11, with an R-18 rating.